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Curriculum vitae

No description

Orsolya Berezvai

on 15 March 2015

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Transcript of Curriculum vitae

My brother
His name is Zombor Berezvai. He 23 years old and he studies economist at the University of Eötvös Loránd in Budapest.
My sister
Her name is Szénia Berezvai. She is 19 years old. She goes to Eötvös József Secondary Grammar School and after she would like to be a pastor.
My mother
Her name is Klára Berevainé Borús. She is a physics teacher in the Patrona Hungariae Secondary School.
My father
His name is Zoltán Berezvai. He is a biology engineer and he works in the office.
My family
My name is Orsolya Berezvai.

I was born in 1996 may 3 in Budapest.

I learn English for 5 ages and I learn French for 2 ages. Je parle français un peu. J'aime cette langue mais je ne connais pas beacoup de mots alors je vais continuer mon curriculum vitae en anglais.
I live in a flat in Budapest with my family.
My room, which I share with my sister
My neighbourhood
I have a breathtaking view of Gellért-hill
My house
My flat
My hobby
I like playing guitar. I've done it for 8 ages.
I play volleyball in my school three times a week. I love doing it.
I often do arts and crafts with children (the children are 0-10 years old) in my church.
We call it "playhouse" and there is one in every season. I've done it for 7 ages and I enjoy it very much. (Of course I do it free.)
My free time
I relish to read books and I read every day.

On Friday afternoon I go to church to "Ifi". (It is a program where we talk about God with our pastor and some Christian adolescent as same age like me.) Every Sunday I go to church to service.
Music and me
My class
My favourite subjects
-Physical Education
I feel like dancing standard and Latin dance. I go to dance four times a week.
I go to theatre or opera once a month.
I sing in my school's choir and I like sing songs but my voice is not the best.
I played the clarinet for 5 ages and I play the guitar every week.
My friends
My pastor
Orsolya Berezvai
I was a volunteer in a Christian
child camp.
I was a volunteer in the kitchen of a Christian camp.
I was a volunteer in a concert (This Is The Day!).
My voluntary work
My creations
1. We did 400 sandwiches for children in the camp
2. We painted the wall for the camp
3. I did placard of my class
My results
1. In Physics: (All of them is Hungarian national competition.)
- I was 13. in KöMaL (Mathematical and Physical Journal for Secondary Schools) in 2013 and 2012.
-I was 5. in Physics Tour 8. in 2012 and Physics Tour 7. in 2011.
-I was finalist in Öveges József Physics competition in 2011.
-I was 4. in Jedlik Ányos Physics competition in 2013, 2011, 2010.
2. In Biology
-I was 3. in" From World Water Day to "Buy Nothing Day" intituled competition in 2009.
3. In Mathematics
-I was 19. in Varga Tamás Mathematics competition in 2010 and 8. in 2011.
4. My first own muffins
5. My own handmade Advent wreath
On Sundays I care for children while their parents are on the service in the church.
About me
I am friendly and I have a lot of friends from everywhere. I get to know somebody easily and I usually smile.

I am creative and I like to do all kind of handmade things. (Advent wreath, fold flowers, snowman and etc.)

I am hard-working. I clean the bath twice a month, I often cook and sometimes bake some cookies for my family. In the summer I usually clean up the floor and help to my mother wash the dishes.
My church where I go every Friday and Sunday.
My foreign experiences
I go to abroad every year and I love to travel because every place is different. I like the mountains because when I am there I breathe fresh air and I can collect a lot of fruits (for example: cranberry, strawberry, raspberry, sloe...). But I also like to go to the seaside because I love the sea and to swim.
In abroad I met a lot of kind people and I got to know new friends. I have already been in Estonia, Sweden, Slovakia, Croatia, Norway, Austria, Germany, France, Denmark, Italy, Monaco, Switzerland.
My target is that I would like to visit every country in Europe. :)
My plans in the future
After this EVS program I will go to the University of Medicine or Teacher Training University (I would like to teach physics and biology.). In addition, I would like to be a teacher in the children's worship on Sunday.
My school
I go to Fazekas Mihály Secondary Grammar School in Budapest. (This is the best secondary school in Hungary.) I'm 12th grade and my class specialise maths.
My motivation
I would like to know another view about children upbringing and a different school system. I would like to study more about that country's culture and I would like to give something from my experience and my culture. And of course I would like to try out myself in another environment, I would like to study how can I deal with this situation, how can I reinvent myself abroad. In addition, I would like to improve my communication skills with children and another people.
My skills
My e-mail adress: kisberezvai@gmail.com
My mobile phone number: +36/202250473
My skype adress: orsolya.berezvai
EVS programme
I organized my class trip in 2013 and 2014.
I can hold arts and crafts for children.
Norway and Sweden
I will be happy if we meet. :)
Good bye!
I can work in a group but I don't like to lead the group.
I can use Excel, Word and PowerPoint.
I don't like to talk in front of the people, because I am a little bit shy.
I was an EVS short-term volunteer for 19 days in Finland in 2014.
I love to do sports so I usually ride bike, do some exercise at home and I often take a hike in spring and in summer. In this summer I did a pilgrimage
with my two friends. The trip was 200km and we did it in 8 days.
Curriculum vitae
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