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No description

Ammara Hafiz

on 24 November 2012

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Transcript of Clothing

Clothing Ancient Greece The End India Today Greece today http://resources.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk/homework/greece/clothes.htm Ancient Greece clothing Websites of images Ancient Greeks wore loose and light clothes in summer .
The men wore tunics
The women also wore square clothes. By Ammara http://greekclothessgs.blogspot.com/ Websites of info 1 1. Greece clothing today viewed 21/10/12 http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/fashion/beauty-and-the-greek-crisis-show-must-go-on-20111221-1p5f8.html 2. viewed 21/10/12 Ancient India India clothing today Ancient Indian Ancient Greece viewed on 30/10/12 Ladies wear gowns in formal parties. http://www.gloriajewel.com/ viewed on 30/10/12 Greece today 2 1 info 3 http://marrymeweddings.in/wpblog/wills-india-fashion-week-2012-day-4-5.html 3. viewed 30/10/12 4. 4 1 2 Future in Greece Future in India I think in future Greece will have weird clothes. It might change colors every five minutes. It might have heaters in it in winter so if you feel cold you can turn it on.
(my opinion) Future clothes in India will not change that much. Maybe they will have saris which glow in the dark and will have waterproof lights which will always glow.
(my opinion) Boys wear normal jeans and leather jacket http://www.guardian.co.uk/fashion/2012/oct/28/style-distressed-clothing-suede-rick-edwards?newsfeed=true viewed on 1/11/12 Greece Today 2 info got this info by looking at a picture 3 Old women wear black long dresses. http://www.writecorner.com/they_remember_war_6.asp viewed on 1/11/12 Greece Today 3 info Got info by looking at a picture . http://www.culturalindia.net/indian-clothing/index.html viewed on 5/11/12 India Today 1 info Dhodi is a traditional cloth for men.
. http://www.historyforkids.org/learn/india/clothing/ viewed on 6/11/12 Ancient India 1 info People wore clothes made out of cotton. Ladies wore long clothes called sari. They wrapped it in many ways. http://cfsd.chipfalls.k12.wi.us/faculty/pomiette/world_history/study_guides/India/Daily_Life_in_India_Reading.pdf Viewed on 7/11/12 Ancient Indians 2 info 2 Long ago people used to make clothes with animal skin but after some years they found out cotton and started using cotton 1 2 Babies mostly wore nothing. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_clothing_did_the_Ancient_Greeks_wear Ancient Greece viewed on 7/11/12 2 info 4 Girls wear nice long colorful dresses. http://www.ayushveda.com/fashionable-women-of-ancient-greece-and-what-they-wore/ Greece today 4 info viewed in 11/11/12 2 In India when it is their wedding they wear really fancy clothes. http://www.shalusharma.com/what-do-indians-wear/ viewed on 12/11/12 India today 2 info 1 Thank you Why is clothing important?? Clothing is one of the important thing
in your life because it help you to cover your body in cold and hot Art Group Any Questions ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Similarity in Greece Attitude I used 5 http://www.sanandres.esc.edu.ar/olivosp/extranet2009/5to/Greece/hotspots/5A/facts/Daily%20Life/Daily%20life.htm Viewed on 22/11/12 5 6 http://www.sportsmansguide.com/net/cb/interstate-kids-motorcycle-jkt.aspx?a=710513 6 viewed on 22/11/12 http://www.fashionablydesi.com/2011/11/01/dhoti-kurta-continues-to-thrive-on-indian-tv-scene/ 7 viewed 22/11/12 7 ancientwonders.wordpress.com/tag/ancient-clothing-of-india/ Viewed 22 / 11/12 8 http://karenswhimsy.com/persian-clothing.shtm 8 viewed 22/11/12 learner profile Thinker- because when I found some info from the web i did not want to plagiarism so I had to think of my own words Similarity in Greece for women is that in Ancient time time the wore tunics which looked like dresses and the teenage girls looke to wear know. Similarity in India In India the similarity was that the ladies wear sari which was worn in Ancient time as-well. For men the similarity was that they also wear panjabi and they wore it in ancient time Communicator- because I had to communicate with everyone to share my presentation. Independence- because
I did all myself.
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