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Primary Production and Energy Flow

eco lec group reporting

robi goco

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Primary Production and Energy Flow

Interactions between organisms and their environments are fueled by complex fluxes and transformations of energy. Tropical Forest a system that absorbs, transforms, and stores energy physical, chemical, and biological structures and processes are inseparable Ecosystem proposed by Arthur Transley in 1935 "... we cannot separate them [organisms] from their special environment, with which they form one physical system." One of the factors of the "physical system" (environment) in an ecosystem ENERGY Concepts PRODUCER CONSUMER Trophic Levels a position in a food web that is determined by the number of transfers of energy from primary production to that level. Terrestrial primary production is generally limited by temperature and moisture. Consumers can influence rates of primary production in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems Aquatic primary production is generally limited by nutrient availability. Energy losses limit the number of trophic levels in ecosystems. Primary Production
Energy Flow SUMMARY Energy Flow in a Tropical Rainforest Energy Flow in a Food Chain
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