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Elementary - WPK Campus

No description

Parkway Fellowship

on 4 September 2018

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Transcript of Elementary - WPK Campus

We make every Sunday a WIN by kids and Team members in Parkway Kids achieving 3 principles:
1. Have Fun!
2. Be Safe.
3. Grow Spiritually.
How does Parkway Kids participate in the mission statement of Parkway Fellowship to
the lost at any cost and
grow them to maturity
the kids by creating a kid friendly environment through music, movement, and visual stimulation. Our Team plays a part in helping
grow them to maturity
by teaching key Biblical concepts, and by partnering with parents to continue providing instruction for spiritual growth.
Which of the five Biblical purposes of Fellowship, Discipleship, Ministry, Evangelism, and Worship does this ministry fulfill?
Kids at this age connect to each other by playing together during free-play time.
The children learn key spiritual concepts through a DVD or live presentation and engaging activities.
Our Team ministers to parents by providing safe and welcoming environments for children, allowing parents the opportunity to focus on what God is teaching them.
: Several times during the year, kids are given invite cards and encouraged to bring their friends on Sunday mornings.
: Kids sing praise songs during Large Group time every Sunday.
Essential Beliefs
We Teach

About God
About Jesus Christ
About the Holy Spirit
About the Bible
About Human Beings
About Salvation
About Eternal Security
About Eternity
What am I committing to as an Elementary Leader?
You are committing to an hour and a half on every Sunday.
Take time during the week to study your lesson for about 15 minutes.
Be in your classroom 15 minutes prior to your service time to prepare supplies and greet kids.
Remain in your class until the next team of volunteers arrive.
Once we have your background check information, preferred service time, and rotation schedule, we will place you on one of our teams. You will receive email reminders regarding the time you are scheduled to serve from
Planning Center Services
. You can download the Planning Center Services app on your smartphone to have a quick reference for your scheduled service dates.
The Procedure
What do I do?
All leaders
need to be familiar with the lesson before arriving on Sunday
To view the lesson online, go to our volunteer link:

All classroom leaders
will lead the Social activity, participate in Large Group, and facilitate the Prayer activities.
What is my schedule on Sunday morning?
Elementary Set-Up and Check In:


15 minutes prior to beginning of the service time
Check In every Sunday you serve to receive a name tag.
All curriculum and supplies you need will be in a designated box in your classroom prior to your arrival.
Set out anything needed for the opening activity.
Schedule for the Elements of the Lesson:
Check In
(15 min before service hour - continue as long as needed) - ALL kids need to be checked in
(15 min) - Begins promptly at 9:00, 10:15, and 11:30 AM; It is an activity to introduce the lesson.
Bible/Large Group
(25 min) - Have all kids sit in designated area to begin the lesson.
(10 min) - Gather all kids into small groups to participate in provided activities
Wrap Up & Prayer
(10 min) - Assign kids to a classroom leader and lead small group activity to reinforce the lesson.
Check Ou
t: Dismissal begins when wrap up and prayer are finished and continues until the beginning of the next service hour.
The 6 Roles in an Elementary Classroom:

Co-Teaches with the Historyteller
Introduces the lesson and closes the lesson, usually in comedic style
Teaches the Bible lesson
Provides age appropriate life application
Runs all lighting, sound, and video elements
Greeter/ Small Group Leader
Greets all parents and kids at the Entrance door, both before and after class (
no one
should leave through this door)
Sets the tone for a welcoming and fun environment to learn
Makes critical decisions in emergency situations
Is familiar with check-in computers
Assists with the check-in of kids, and the Greeter should be familiar with the procedure for welcoming first time guests
Lead a small group in the provided activities before and after the large group time
Guide/ Small Group Leader

Responsible for helping to train the student team members
Uses Biblical examples to help guide and direct disruptive behavior to help the kids understand the purpose of correction is to become more like the person that God wants for us to be
Lead a small group in the provided activities before and after the large group time
Responsible for ensuring all dismissal procedures are followed
Shares encouraging words as kids exit
Investors/ Small Group Leader
Take time to learn about each kid and care about their weekly events
Develop relationships as Godly leaders and role models
Include kids who do not appear to be comfortable in the classroom
Lead a small group in the provided activities before and after the large group time
Safety Guidelines
Dismissal Procedures
Parents will show their parent tag at check-out with a number that will match the number on the tag of the kid they are checking out.
If a tag will not stay on a kid's clothes, place the tag on the clipboard by the door.
Parents will enter through the entrance door of each room and exit through the exit door after having a volunteer check tags.
kid is allowed to leave without a matching tag. If the kid or the parent loses a tag, the parent must go to the Check In stations in the preschool area and get a signed replacement tag from a Parkway Kids

Staff Member.
Anyone under the age of 16 is
permitted to check a kid out of the classroom.
If a kid has not been picked up 15 minutes after the scheduled end time of an event, please bring the kid(s) to a Parkway Kids Staff Member at Preschool Check In.
General Reminders
Kids are not allowed to be unsupervised on campus.
If a kid has to use the restroom, they should use the facilities located in each of the classrooms without assistance.
Monitor the kid's environment and report any suspicious activity to a Parkway Kids Staff Member immediately.
Never be alone with a kid.
Social Media Guidelines
If There is an Excess Behavior Problem (i.e. disrespect, disruption, aggression, etc.)

First time:

Give a verbal warning that if the kid has to be corrected one more time they will lose their free-play time at the end of class. When doing this be sure to get down on the kid's level and look into their eyes and speak to them in a loving and calm manner.
Second time:

Loss of free-play time at the end of class.
Third time:
The Guide needs to make the parents aware of the situation when they come pick up the kid, and report the incident to a Parkway Kids Staff Member.
Fourth time:
A Parkway Kids Staff Member has a conversation with the kid and the parents together.
Fifth time:

The kid sits out of Sunday programming for 2 weeks.
Immediately contact a Parkway Kids Staff Member if a kid is physically aggressive with another kid.
Press "1" on the phone in each of the classrooms in order to contact a Parkway Kids Staff Member.
If a Kid Becomes Ill
If a child has a runny nose (green in color), persistent cough, fever, or rash, we will ask the parent to keep their kid with them. If you notice this during the service times please notify a Parkway Kids staff member and we will contact the parent.
If you notice a child is sick during check-in, please tell the parent dropping off the following: "Your child looks like they might not be feeling well. If you could give me just a minute, I would like one of our Parkway Kids Staff Members to make sure your child is well enough to come and play with the other children in our class today. Thank you"
If a kid begins vomiting, and adult leader should escort the kids to the restroom away from the other students while remaining calm and comforting. Use the phone in the room to contact a Parkway Kids Staff Member and alert them to the situation. The Parkway Kids Staff Member will bring the appropriate cleaning supplies and handle contacting the parent/guardian.
If a Kid Becomes Injured
Minor Injuries

Most can be treated with a little tender loving care, a cool cloth and a Band-Aid.
Small First Aid kits are available in each room in the tech booth.
You CANNOT treat with any medication of any kind( i.e. alcohol cleaning wipes, antibiotic cream, etc.)
When a kid is treated, please complete an "Ouch Report" and have a Parkway Kids Staff Member sign the report before the kid is picked up. When the parent arrives, please let them know what happened and ask them to sign the "Ouch Report". The parent then receives the copy of the "Ouch Report" labeled "Parent".
A staff member will follow up with the parent, if necessary, the following week.
It is important to remember that we are not authorized to dispense any over the counter or prescription medications.

In the event a kid needs more attention than we can provide, please notify a Parkway Kids Staff Member by using the phone in the classroom, and the parent will be notified.
Emergency Procedure
As soon as the Fire Alarm sounds, IMMEDIATELY follow evacuation procedures.
Take the clipboard by the door and the emergency kit, and prepare the class to evacuate.
Follow the fire evacuation route posted next to the door in your classroom.
One leader should lead the kids out while another leader stands at the door counting the number of kids in your care.
After all kids have been counted, check under any furniture, bathrooms, or other areas where a kid could hide.
Walk your kids to the area designated on the evacuation plan posted next to your door.
Once all leaders have arrived, if possible, have your kids sit on the ground and count them to make sure that every kid is accounted for.
All check-out procedures will be placed on hold
until you have reached the secure location and all children have been accounted for.
If parents arrive to pick up a child, follow the same procedure as in a classroom. No child is to be released from your care without a matching tag.
Tornado/ Inclement Weather
A Parkway Kids Staff Member will notify you that we are moving to a shelter-in-place situation.
Follow the tornado evacuation plan listed on the map posted next to your door.
Take the clipboard by the door and the emergency kit, an prepare to evacuate.
ll check-out procedures will be placed on hold
until you have reached the secure location and all kids have been accounted for.
If parents arrive to pick up a kid, follow the same procedure as in a classroom. No kid is to be released from your care without a matching tag.
Missing Kid
Remove all distractions, music, video, etc. and make an announcement in the classroom calling for the kid's name. Ask kids and leaders in the room to help you look under furniture, in closets, bathrooms, etc.
If the child is not found, your classroom will go into lock down. Station a volunteer at each door not allowing anyone in or out of the room.
Notify a Parkway Kids Staff Member immediately. The Parkway Kids Staff Member will notify the parent of the situation.
If a kid is still not found, the entire wing or area of the church will be put in lock down. Each room in the area will be checked for the missing kid.
If the kid is still not found, the entire campus will be put into lock down until further notice.
Threat or Danger of Bodily Harm
In the event there is someone on campus that poses a potential threat to any individual, contact a Parkway Kids staff member immediately.
The threat will be identified and then addressed.
If need be, the Parkway Fellowship Staff will place the campus in lock down.
Click Here to Go To The Review Test
How Can I Make Every Sunday a WIN?
How can I join the Parkway Kids Team?
Complete an application.
Submit a background check form.
Either read the Playbook or watch this training Prezi, and complete a short quiz.
Shadow a teacher in a classroom for one service time.
Turn up your volume to hear audio instructions.
This presentation takes less than 15 minutes to view.

Parkway Kids
Chrisitna Dowden
Kids Curriculum and Programming Pastor
Westpark Campus
Caleb Brown
Kids Operations Pastor -
Westpark Campus
John Alexander
Kids Pastor
Lawsona Gandy
Kids Resource Coordinator
Westpark Campus
Pam Day
Kid's Pastor
North Campus
Melissa Clark
Administrative Assistant
Serious Injuries
- e.g. broken bones, severe laceration, convulsions, unconsciousness
Do not move the injured child. A Parkway Kids leader must remain with the kid.
Stay calm and reassure the kid while another team leader cares for the other kids in your class. Be sure to keep other kids away from the injured kid.
Have another team leader find a Parkway Kids Staff Member by using the phone located in the room for further assistance.
The Parkway Kids Staff Member will contact you with updates of the kid's condition. You may be asked to give information to assist the Parkway Kids Staff Member in reporting the incident.
What do I do if I can't be there?
Notify Nancy Mullins by email/phone/text
as soon as possible
if you are unable to fulfill your volunteer responsibility. If something comes up at the last minute the morning you are serving, contact Nancy Mullins at 713.248.9233.
The Kids Volunteers Pastor for Parkway Fellowship is:
Nancy Mullins
Work: 832.222.9282 ext. 120
Email: nancy.mullins@parkwayfellowship.com
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