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Registered Nurse

No description

Fatima Sleiman

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Registered Nurse

Registered Nurse
Now for the real question... Am I still interested in becoming a Registered Nurse? Well after doing this research about this job, I am still willing to be a RN. This research made me more interested in this job. I want to help out all those beautiful people out there and be happy that I am helping people out. I am also surprised that you get paid $68,000 a year so that is great !
Job Satisfaction And Job Stress
-Hand on job
-interact with patients and get to know them which could help with social skills
After you finish 4 years you can work 2 years experience as a nurse and then go back to university and study 2 more years to become a nurse.

Practitioner- is like a doctor the difference between a nurse and a nurse practitioner is that a nurse practitioner can diagnose while a RN cannot. Another related job is a physician.
About future trends there be more nurses for older people because population is growing older.
Community involvement and co-op education
For Community involvement you can volunteer at hospital on own time. You could also do co-op at hospital in grade 11-12. You get to know the hospital and get used to the environment also you get to communicate plus interact with patients, visitors and the staff.
Working Conditions
RN can work as...
-long term home care facility
-teach at university
-high school (ex; counseling)
-at home(visits)
-retirement home
Specialized Skills
- Provide treatment medications and perform procedures

-Promote, maintain, or restore health

-Administer medications
The CA$H
Registered Nurse make up to sixty eight thousand dollars per year which is a hourly wage of $32.66.

Educational Pathway
You will have to do 2 years in Windsor collage and then 2 years at university or just do 4 years in university.

High School Courses
You will have to take chemistry, biology and English.
What is RN?
Registered Nurse is a nurse who has graduated from a college nursing program or from a school of nursing and has passed a national licensing exam.

Registered nurses may work independently or as members of a health care team.
Key roles include:
-Teach ,health promotion and prevention. Taking care of ill, disabled and dying people advocacy. They also assess, diagnose, plan, intervene, and evaluate.
Why I picked this occupation
The reason why I picked this occupation is because I am planning to be a nurse in the future. I want to be a nurse because as a nurse I would make a huge difference on peoples life. I would like to interact with patients, medical staff, doctors and administrators every day. Its an opportunity to learn from other careers and add to my knowledge base. Another reason is because you only need 4 years of education and you get paid good money.
RN Investment Of Money
For 4 years of the course the cost is about fourteen thousand. In a year it cost about three thousand four hundred seventy seven and eleven cents. Students will also have to buy the books, parking, basic living expenses also housing in case of out of town colleges.


Interviewed with Mona Sleiman- on Jan 15,2014
Related Jobs, Future trends, or self-employment opportunities
-There could be a lot of work to do
Personal Reflection
Duties and tasks needed to be a RN
-Maintain correct reports and records
-Records patients medical information and vital
-Prepare patients for, and support with tests and treatments.
-Hospital Tasks
-Clinic Tasks
-Residential Care Task
I do have these skills. I am the type of person who would like to deal with medication. Being a Registered Nurse is all about helping sick people out and having to communicate with others and that is exactly what I am looking forwards to do. I am very caring, respectful and responsible. I am looking forwards to this career.
68,000 Dollars every year ???? well of course it will !
That is great amount of money ! I will be living in a beautiful house and I would be able to buy what ever I like and be able to buy things for the family also!
University Of Windsor

Provides a Board educational background in all necessary areas of nursing, science and the social sciences.

includes year one clinical experience in hospitals, home care, schools and other community health settings
offers the benefits of independent learning laboratories, simulated activities and individual lecture with faculty.
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