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Period 8 Taylor

No description

maryann carroll

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Period 8 Taylor

How do deer survive during the winter
Almost all deer move around less in the winter to save body heat. In the late summer early fall the deer build up there body fat. Deer go into the winter with energy. 200 hundred of the deer that go in don't come out. Deer really need energy.
About deer in general
All deer can ran as fast as 30 mph and jump as high as 10 feet. During the summer deers fur is reddish brown hair. They have grayish drown hear if you look very close. Buck only have horns in fact horns are made of bones.
Interesting facts
Deer have lived in Asia for over 30 million years and in North America for over 25 million years. Have started to live in deserts and wetlands. Female deer can give birth to 3 deer at one times. there fur helps them blind. Th

Tristan Taylor

White -tail deer animals.nation
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