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Story Robe Prezi


Draco Malfare

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Story Robe Prezi

Story Robe By:Typhen History of a Story Robe Thousands of years ago, people recorded their history on stone outcrops. This tradition continued onto the Siksika and others among the tribes. These were made on tipi covers and liners, bison robes, and even pages of ledger books. These drawings were made by the tribe's historian who records any important event each year. How people found the story robe Story robes were used to keep track of history for many First Nations. The most important event of the year would be written or drawn on the back of the writable items I gave you on the previous page. People killed bison for their food and resources and the leftover bison skin would be used for the story robes. It is said that a story robe is like a journal to the Blackfoot. Fly away
Wake up baby, smile at me
The sun is shinin' and the wind's blowin' free
I got to thinkin' ooo yesterday
That silver bird can take us away
Get it on now

Single boys, they're out on the town
Lookin' for them pretty girls hangin' around
Man on the radio is tellin' us the news
Summertime's here, kick the mud off your
shoes, yeah

- Chorus:
Fly away, fly away
That silver bird can take us away
Fly away, do it today
Come on, woman, now let's get away

I'm tired or workin', feels like for nothin'
Well, I ain't gettin' any younger
Why can't I live for today

Are you tired of workin', feels like nothin'
Well, you ain't gettin' any younger
Why can't we all live for today?

Friends of mine want'a'buy me a drink
So loaded now, hell, I can't even think
Went on home, I put my lady in the car
Jumped on that bird just to see how far we could....

Repeat Chorus The Story Robe has lived for more than 200 years!!! This song is called Fly away Thanks for watching!!!
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