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Simple Present vs. Present Continuous

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claudio cheuquen

on 20 August 2015

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Transcript of Simple Present vs. Present Continuous

Present Simple
Present Continuous?

My mother prepares dinner every day.
But I'm preparing dinner now.
Present Simple
Present Continuous
- for repeated or usual actions (habits and hobbies)
- for facts
- for timetables or schedules
Susan has breakfast at 7.30 am every day.
Water boils at 100°C degrees.
The next bus to Santiago leaves at 8.00 pm tonight.
We have breakfast at 7.30 every day.
verb in
simple present
* Remember to add an 's' to the verb when the subject
is 'he', 'she' or 'it'.
- for actions happening now or about now
- for annoying habits (with always)
- for arrangements in the future
It is raining!
Peter and Mary are always bothering everybody in the classroom!
They are having a party tomorrow.
It is raining!
to be
(am, is, are)
verb + ing
Match the use to the appropriate sentence
1. Habit or hobby
2. Action happening at the moment.
3. Annoying repetitive action
4. Arrangement in the future
5. Fact
6. Timetable or schedule
a. My little sister is always taking my things!
b. Chile isn't an European country.
c. We play football every Saturday.
d. The mall opens at 10.30 from Monday to Friday.
e. What are you doing now?
f. I am visinting my grandparents next week.
1. Excuse me, ______________ (you/speak) English?
2. Tom _________________ (have/shower) at the moment.
3. They _____________ (not/watch) television very often.
4. Listen! Somebody _______________ (sing)
5. She’s tired. She ____________ (want) to go home.
6. -Excuse me, but you __________________ (sit) in my place.
-Oh! I’m sorry.
Fill in the blanks with the verbs in brackets. Use Simple Present or Present Continuous.
Circle the right verb form in each sentence.
1) John
is playing / plays
football at the moment.
2) Olivia
visits / is visiting
her cousins every weekend.
3) The sun
doesn't shine / isn't shining
4) My mother
is getting up / gets
up at 6 o'clock every day.
5) I
am singing / sing
at tomorrow's concert.
Form questions in P.S and P.C with the words given
1. you/ play/ the guitar
2. train/ leave
3. Mary and Susan/ listen to music
4. John/ prepare/ his own dinner
Present Simple
Present Continuous
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