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on 14 January 2016

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Transcript of THE HOME GUARD

What is the Home Guard?
The home guard was a group of men from the age 17-65 who weren't able to go fight at war because of injuries and disabilaties.
What did they do?
The Home Guard usually guarded railway stations, airports and factories, though sometimes they actually helped the army. They also saved people from rubble and brocken buildings.
How did they get around?
How many were there?
In the first day almost 250,000 people sighned up, in the first month was 750,000 did! WOW!
The land Army
The land army was a group of women who helped farm and fix machinery
Were they armed?
yes, they did have arms.
Just joking, most of them had old fashioned weapons like the blunderbuss.
by Yusuf and Zain
The fastest Home Guards
went around on roller skates! I know, very funny, though most of the time they walked.
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