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3 habits of Highly Effective Teachers (#tmbelfast)

Presentation by Tim Manson for tmbelfast2 on 19th Oct 2012

Tim Manson

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of 3 habits of Highly Effective Teachers (#tmbelfast)

3 habits of
Highly Effective Teachers Which of the following 5
possible presentations should I make to the most innovative teachers at #tmbelfast on Friday? 1: Be Creative Edward de Bono
"Creativity involves breaking out of established
patterns in order to look at things in a different way" 2: Ask your students how
you can do better The hardest question:
"What can I do better? 3: Own your Professional Development We need
- more research into good classroom practice
- easy access to this research
- programmes that celebrate good teaching
- to realise good teachers should not have to
become administrators for promotion
- a form of an Advanced Skills Teacher system
- good teachers to STAY in the classroom
- to collaborate more
- to realise that by working together we can
reduce our workload
- Quality staff development Tim Manson
@mapsman Never do during a lesson
what you can do
when the students go home
John Tomsett I believe that if students feel that
they have a voice into the content
of the lesson, they will engage more and this will make them perform better. We need to give them that voice. "Did I make a difference today and how do I know?"
The ETI http://sharedstaffdev.wikispaces.com what makes a highly effective principal? Michael Fullan
"Judge the quality of leadership in a headteacher by the leadership s/he develops in others" Theodore Sizer
"Inspiration and hunger, these are the qualities that drive good schools. The best we can do is create the most likely conditions for them to flourish and then get out of their way."
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