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Oil Sands and Hydraulic Fracturing

A prezi on the inside look of Oil Sands and Hydraylic Fracturing

Zane Raimondi

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Oil Sands and Hydraulic Fracturing

Get ready for the most economically friendly Prezi ever! Oil Sands and Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) I.S Presentation Introduction Conclusion Hi my name is Zane and today we will be talking about oil sands and fracking for my I.S. My topics today are Oil Sands, Fracking, History, Advantages, and Disadvantages. I picke this topic because I think it changed the face of History forever! Oil Sands actually comes from a formation in the ground called bitumen
There are two types of drilling, Surface mining when you mine the bitumen with a pickaxe or In Situ when they suck it out of the ground with a large drill
Now I will tell you how the bitumen gets turned into crude oil the stuff you use everyday
The Oil Sands is a big Economy booster for Canada and even more so for AB.
If oil Sands stopped I will explain how life would be Oil Sands I will read you the history of Oil Sands and Fracking
In 1778 Peter Pond first discovered bitumen by Athabasca and that was the beginning of Canadian Oil Sands
If many of these dates didn't happen we would live in a non-economic waste land we would call Alberta History of Oil Sands and Fracking Oil Sands is a big provider of Alberta's economy
One dollar invested in Oil Sands leads to 8 dollars economic revenue
I would like to explain to you Canada's and Alberta's future without Oil Sands and Fracking Advantages Thank you so much for listening to me rant on about some of my
favorite things in the world I hope I have enlightened you with
Are there any questions or comments? Fracking I will explain to you what fracking is and how it works
I have written a passage on what i think te world would be like without fracking so I will read it to you after the presentation if there is time Disadvantages What are some disadvantages?
how we can improve on them
After all this I.S research on Oil Sands and Fracking I still feel that they are very important to Canada and are one of the world's greatest achievements since fire
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