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Email - how to use it well

No description

Caroline Simms

on 13 March 2015

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Transcript of Email - how to use it well

What is it good for?
Do you need to write an email?
Consider your writing process
Write strategically
What about tone?
As a genre, email
How do we plan for effective email?
be in control
the subject line matters
Draft emails in MS Word
Consider the rhetorical situation
Email - making it work for you
occupies a grey area
between writing and speaking
is only 20 years old
Why not use face to face conversation?
Business writing is clear and brief.
Email needs to be even more so.
Style is everything
rhetorical triangle
is inefficient and dangerous
is unique and efficient
lacks clear, universal standards
can be guided by policies-UM has some
What is it not good for?
Fill in the TO: field last.
Picture your audience while you are writing.
Draft, revise, edit, wait, send.
one topic per email
Be correct. Edit.
organize for the reader -
put the most important info first
Include a greeting and a closing. Use names and signatures.
What level of formality?
format for readability
anticipate neutral or negative responses
silence carries a strong message
is public
Be clear - what do you want them to DO?
Other considerations
Others are critical of how we present in writing.
Lets collaborate to prepare our students.
A UM staff workshop - Tuesday, March 4, 2014
is inefficient and dangerous
is unique and efficient
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