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Tuzo Mwarumba

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of BLACK PANTHER

The Black Panther is THE coolest superhero ever. Although he isn't the most powerful, he is the COOLEST. Wakanda is the only place to get a mineral called vibranium. Captain America's indestructible shield is made out of vibranium. So, does the Black Panther have superpowers? Does Batman have superpowers? No. They still destroy anything in their way. Black Panther is essentially the African/Marvel Batman. He took out the Fantastic Four
just to see if he could. He sliced Iron Man's suit in half and beat up War Machine; he is the black guy who also gets a suit in Iron Man 2. Black Panther has done some pretty insane things. He beat up Captain America because he took one step into Wakandan territory. Beat the poo out of Bane. Fought Hulk. And tied. Wailed on Sandman. Mastered every weapon in existence. everr ...and finally... he is the 2nd smartest man alive. Batman is the 3rd. The Black Panther is married to the X Woman Storm, who controls the weather. The achievments I have mentioned are all true. However, these are by far not all of them. I was just trying to talk about him beating up people you might know. Weaknesses: Sadly, the Black Panther is pure human. He can't regenerate, he can't fly, he doesn't get super strength, and he can't call on his fishy friends to help him. He is just plain old human. Now the Black Panther in the comic books is about T'challa. His main drive was to kill his father's killer (kinda like Batman and his parents) Klaw. He ended up impaling him with a spear. BLACK PANTHER Who is the Black Panther? An alien? An animal? A dumb superhero like Aquaman? WAKANDA The Black Panther was the first mainstream black superhero ever. He first appeared in Fantastic Four #52 in July of 1966. Unfortunately, Black Panther annulled his marriage with Storm. It's OK! He's still try hard like this hedgehog No. The Black Panther is a ninja on roid rage every second of his life. He is the protector of his country first and a hero second. He is king of Wakanda; the only country never to be conquered. Stan Lee created Black Panther as well as so many other superheroes. In an interview explaining why he created Black Panther, he explained that he felt a need for black superheroes and that there weren't a lot of them in mainstream comics. That was a stupid thing to say because there were no mainstream black superheroes until he made Black Panther. This is what the original Black Panther was going to look like. His name would've been Coal Tiger. The End As you can see there has been some minor readjustments. There are many Black Panthers. Black Panthers are kings; therefore, there must be reigns. Each Black Panther is chosen by the panther god and he gives them enhanced human capabilities.
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