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Sir Stephen Tindall

No description

ashley mcchesney

on 8 September 2016

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Transcript of Sir Stephen Tindall

early life
Stephen Tindall was born in Auckland, New Zealand in 1951 in May. At the age of 14 he delivered groceries and helped his Dad in his hardware store. Later on he worked for his Grandfather in George Court And Son for 12 years.After 12 years he worked part time at Auckland Institute and later on got a diploma on NZIM management.
What do others think of him?
The Warehouse
The first warehouse was built in Takapuna in 1982. Lots of people came because there were good quality things and they were all affordable. This is what Stephen was trying to achieve. In the space of 6 months there were 3 more stores around Auckland. The warehouse grew bigger and bigger. There are now 86 warehouses around NZ and 46 warehouse stationary too.
Stephen Tindall is the creator of the warehouse and helped and sponsored charities around New Zealand.
Sir Stephen Tindall
The Americas Cup
In 2013 Stephen was the director for the New Zealand team in the American Cup. He did so well with his job the team made it into the finals!
Sir Stephen Robert Tidall was born in 1951 in Auckland, New Zealand. In 1971 he earned a diploma in NZIM management. He later on opened the warehouse with the slogan "where people come first and quality is affordable."He later on became the director for the NZ team in the Americans Cup.He also does a lot of charity work. He was also awarded the New Zealander of the year.
This was the logo in 1992
before the Americas cup started
Sir Stephen Robert Tindall is an amazing person and has done so much for this country and still keeps on moving forward no matter what is in his way.
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