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English is no easy language to learn. It’s filled with idiom

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Go English Live

on 21 August 2017

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Transcript of English is no easy language to learn. It’s filled with idiom

Your Age
English is no easy language to learn.
Fear of making mistakes
Simply because they’re afraid of making mistakes. But worse than that they believe that someone will hear them make these mistakes and laugh at them.
You can’t remember all the rules of grammar
Wow! Definitely don’t let this hold you back. No one, not even native speakers, can remember all the grammar rules
Let's get on track to getting over the plateau
You need to travel to be able to speak English fluently
You don’t need to travel anywhere in order to improve your speech. There are many people who have learned the English language without going very far from home.
Phrasal verbs
excuses to
study English

You need to know right now that your age doesn’t limit your ability to speak English fluently.
It’s more likely you believing your age is a limiting factor actually keeps you from learning.
Once you overcome this mindset, you’ll discover that English isn’t as difficult to speak as you thought
Many individuals refuse to speak English as often as they could. Why?
Place your faith in your vocabulary and especially listening to others
Don’t start second-guessing yourself. You can learn the language from wherever you are.
There are no other people around me speaking English.

With a computer keyboard at your fingertips, and the internet, it doesn’t matter whether you live with or next door to English speakers or not
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