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The Plantations Exam Revision

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Ms. Mc Caffrey

on 2 May 2018

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Transcript of The Plantations Exam Revision

The Plantations Exam Revision
Learning Intention: Revise topic using exam questions.
Prior Knowledge
Section 3 Short Questions
Higher Level - 20 marks and 15-20 minutes
Ordinary Level - 60 marks and 20-25 minutes
Section 4 People in History Essay
Two essays - 20 minutes each
10 single relevant statements

Higher Level - 20 marks
'A settler who received land during a named plantation in Ireland during the 16th or 17th century.

Ordinary Level - 25 marks
'A person who received land during the plantations in Ireland'.
Planning the essay
What topics should you have for each paragraph?
Short Sample Answer
A settler who received land during a named Plantation My name is John Henderson and I was born in Scotland. I belong to the local Presbyterian Church. I have always been very loyal to the King and because of that I came to settle in Ulster in 1622. The reason I came was because I was a Servitor and that means I used to be a soldier in the King’s army. The King owed me money for my services to the country. For payment I was given a 1000-acre estate in County Fermanagh

. When I came to Ulster I had to follow certain very important rules. I had to pay a rent of £8 per year and I had to build a house of stone. I then had to surround the house with a bawn (stone wall). I was allowed to rent parts of the land and have some Irish tenants. My new home in Ulster was a large 2-storey stone and timber house and the roof was made of slate. The chimney was built of red brick and my house was very different from the houses of the native Irish, which were much smaller and had thatch roofs.

I began to farm the land that I was given and I had to clear large areas of forest and drain the land. I began to grow lots of crops and one of these crops, potatoes, was new to the area. I also surrounded my land with lots of fences and ditches. I often visit the local town called Enniskillen because lots of people from my native land of Scotland have settled there. Many different craftsmen live there so I go there to buy tools and to have repairs done. The town was specially planned and it has wide, straight streets. There is a central Square and important buildings such as the Court House, Market House and Presbyterian Church are all located there. Markets are held in the town every Friday. When I go there I notice that nearly everyone speaks English now and the English system of law is now the law of the land.
What do you remember about The Plantations?
Read the question carefully!

A person who lost land in Ireland during the plantation.

A person who received land during the plantations in Ireland.
Ordinary Level Guides
Why you received land
Leader who gave you land
What you think of the native Irish
Changes because of the plantation
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