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F. Scott Fitzgerald

Biographical Video from A&E, The Jazz Age, Fitzgerald & Hemingway, Music & Dance of the 1920s, The Great Gatsby

Jenni Fitz

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of F. Scott Fitzgerald

F. Scott Fitzgerald Biography Part 3
F. Scott Fitzgerald Biography Part 1
F. Scott Fitzgerald Biography Part 2
Fitzgerald's Words
From his first novel, This Side of Paradise...
The Fitzgerald Family
Scott, Zelda, & Frances "Scottie" Fitzgerald
a Literary friendship
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Ernest Hemingway
The Great Gatsby
F. Scott Fitzgerald &
The Jazz Age
Scott & Zelda
Main Characters of The Great Gatsby
daisy buchanan
jordan baker
jay gatsby
tom buchanan
nick carraway
meyer wolfsheim
myrtle wilson
The jazz age in nyc

let's jump into the jazz age
and analyze
the great gatsby
we can discuss love, revenge, music, poetry, and the american dream!
fats waller-
"ain't misbehavin'"
a new dance, "the Baltimore!"
dance marathons of the 1920s
illegal dance?
the shimmy
the Nicholas brothers
this dance ruled the decade-
the Charleston
the varsity drag
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