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10 Interesting Facts About Christmas In France

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nathaniel reading

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of 10 Interesting Facts About Christmas In France

10 Interesting Facts About Christmas In France
Fact Three
Fact 5
fact number 4
There are 13 deserts putout-12 for the disciples and 1 for Christ
Children put out their shoes for Pere Noel to fill.
Pere Fouettard hits bad children

Christmas celebrations start on the 6th December which is also known as Saint Nicholas Day.
Saint Nicholas is the protector of children as he saved two from an evil butcher called le Père Fouettard. He is the bogeyman of Saint Nicholas Day.
In Lyon there is a festival of lights which takes place on the 8 of December, the buildings are decorated and there are lights in the streets and in windows.
Fact Number 7
It is traditional for every household to have "une creche" in your home, which is a the nativity scene around the crib at Christmas.
At midnight on Christmas Eve it is traditional to have a meal to commemorate the beginning of Christmas.
Fact 9
A traditional Christmas meal includes:seafood,oysters,lobster,snails,caviar smoked salmon,duck or goose ,turkey,green beans,cheese and a cake called La bûche de Noël for pudding.
Fact 10
New Year's Eve is called La Saint-Sylvestre,there is a special dinner in the evening, there are presents and parties too.
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