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M&M's informative speech

english course

Meriam Messadi

on 11 November 2012

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Transcript of M&M's informative speech

M&M's Introduction Mars, Incorporated is an American manufacturer of confectionery I. Presentation of the Company II. History of a candy III. The characters Conclusion US$30 billion in annual sales in 2010 M&M's, Snickers, and the Mars bar Dove, Milky Way, Skittle Uncle Ben's rice Pedigree, Sheba, and Whiskas 1941: they are introduced to American GIs in the Second World War. 1950: a black "M" was imprinted on the candies giving them a very trademark. 1954: • The M was changed to white
• Peanut M&M's were introduced, but first appeared only in the color tan.
• When peanut M&M's made their debut, so did the tagline 'Melts in your mouth, not in your hand.'
• And in the same period the world famous M&M’s characters made their television debut. 1960:
* Almond centered were marketed then withdrawn
* M&M's added the yellow, red, and green colors 1976 : * Red candies were eliminated in 1976 because of health concerns and were replaced with orange-colored candies.
* The action was purely to satisfy worried consumers. 1980: Introduced to Australia, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia and the United Kingdom 1988:
* Almond-centered became a standard part of the product line .
* And red candies were reintroduced ten years after their withdrawal. 1995:
* Consumers voted on which colour would replace the tan M&M's.
* Blue was the winner, replacing tan. 1998: "The Official Candy of the New Millennium," since MM is the Roman numeral for 2000. 2002: "M&M's Global Color Vote" to add a new color aqua, pink, and purple.
Purple won and was featured for a limited time. 2005:
Mars added "Mega M&M's" to the lineup.
55% larger than the traditional M&M's. The colors for Mega M&M's were changed to less-bright colors 2007
Lady Liberty M&M statue to kick off a campaign encouraging Americans to create their own M&M characters 2008: My M&M's launched 'Faces,' 2012: M&M's launched a new character Ms Brown Plan
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