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The Biology Of Mental Illnesses

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sonya brown

on 18 February 2011

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Transcript of The Biology Of Mental Illnesses

The Biology Of Mental Illnesses Most scientists think that mental illnesses result from problems with the communication between neurons and the brain. Depression Individuals who have depression often have low serotonin.(serotonin is a neurotransmitter that regulates many functions such as, moods, appetite, and sensory perception.) Changes in neurotransmitters may occur in depression, therefor adding to the complexity of the cause underlying the disease. Schizophrenia Scientists have observed that cocain addicts sometimes have symptoms similar to schizophrenia.(schizophrenia is a severe disabling brain disease.) people with schizophrenia develope terifying symptoms such as,hearing internal voices, or beleiving that people are reading their minds, controling their thoughts and are plotting to harm them. Quick questions what are two symptoms of schizophrenia? -hearing internal voices.
-beleiving that peopla are reading their minds.
-thinking that people are controling thier thoughts.
-thinking that people are plotting to hurt them. -hearing internal voices.
-believing that people are reading their minds.
-thinking that people ang controling their thoughts.
-thinking that people are plotting to hurt them. what is schizophrenia? scizophrenia is a disabling brain disease. People with depression often have low______. serotonin now we are going to do a quick skit for you about someone with schizophrenia. Internal Voice- Sonya
Person with schizophrenia-Anna Questions about our skit Why did anna run away? anna ran away because the internal voice told her that she was going to get hurt. Should Courtnay have gotten an adult? yes Why was there an internal voice? There was an internal voice because that is one of the symptoms of schizophrenia. Thank
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