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what is a simple machine?

this prezi is about simple machines

s....... maney

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of what is a simple machine?

simple machines don't need fuel or electricity to work like............. what is a Simple Machine? inclined planes are simple machines it has 1 or 2 parts in it like a roller coaster track a wedge is a thing that cuts,holds,splits,and tightens wedges we need screws to work if we didn't have screws we wouldn't have doors or factory's screws wheel and axles are the most important thing ever made if we didn't have them we would have to walk everywhere! wheel and axle a gear is a toothed wheel but it isn't a gear with out another gear gears levers Inclined planes they can be steep & shallow like a knife or a door wedge they are made of metal,plastic,and wood they reduce friction it means its easier they can do stuff like holding,grip,lift(lower),and squeeze. it helps make apple juice:) it helps with the cider press a gear is in your home and in factory's a lever is in parks its a see-saw it has a end that goes up and goes down it also has a fulcrum that's what helps it go up and down pulleys a pulley helps us lift and lower stuff pulleys are like a bucket and a string just tied together and those are simple machines.....
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