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Happy 60th Birthday Dad!

A brief presentation in honor of the 60th anniversary of my incredible father's birth.

Mischa Plotnick

on 29 March 2011

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Transcript of Happy 60th Birthday Dad!

Bill Murray Ed Harris Gabriel Byrne (your doppelganger) Jane Seymour (mom's doppelganger) Jay Lenno Robin Williams Steven Seagal William Hurt Karl Rove Martin Short There are lots of (in)famous sixty year-olds out there Michael Keaton Geoffery Rush Actors Side Note: If Gabe Byrne and Jane Seymour had kids, they would surely look like these hooligans... Funny guys Drama Eric Holder Gordon Brown Rush Limbaugh Lewis Libby Jesse Ventura Politicians (mostly crooks) The Big 60 Plenty of attractive women, models, and Playboy Playmates are sixty. To name a few.. Cynthia Myers Julie Woodson Cynthia Hall Gwen Welles Christina Lindberg Anulka Dziubinska Julius and Ethel Rosenberg convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage and are sentenced to receive the death penalty Direct-dial coast-to-coast becomes available State of Emergency declared in Egypt Libya gains independence from Italy 22nd Amendment to the Constitution Testing of first thermonuclear bomb Truman officially declares end to war with Germany Expiration of the Marshall Plan ($13.3 billion to rebuild an entire continent ravaged by WWII…) Korean War In 1951, things were happening in the world Keb Mo’ Phil Collins Stevie Wonder (I make the same face when I hear his music) Tom Petty Musicians John Mellencamp But the best thing to happen in 1951... Happy Birthday ...was you. Happy 60th Birthday dad. ` 1st NBA All Star Game The King & I opens on Broadway I Love Lucy debuts Dad, you are without a doubt the greatest man I have ever known. I am honored to call you my father. Congratulations on six decades of an incredible life. I hope that when you reflect on your time here, you understand what an amazing success and inspiration you have become, not just for me and Olivia, but for literally thousands of students who have been fortunate enough to pass through your classroom. I am grateful to have your unconditional love and unwaivering support as I discover my own path. Thank you for making me a part of yours. Happy 60th birthday. I love you.

Arianna Huffingon Charles Krauthammer Journalists (Sensationalists) Tim Russert
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