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Lord of the Flies Novel Tour

No description

Windy Day

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies Novel Tour

Tour Stop #4: This tour will focus on the lives of the following seven characters: The Characters Tour Stop #1: Tour Stop 2: Tour Stop 3: The Lord of the Flies The Slippery Slope to Savagery by William Golding Lord of the Flies Ralph
Jack Piggy
Simon Ralph Ralph is a leader. He blows the conch shell that originally brings the boys together, and he is the elected leader of the group. He is sensible and calm with a fair amount of intelligence. He is the one that finds a meeting place and determines the importance of a fire, shelters, and order. In a book filled with symbolism, Ralph represents leadership and common sense. Arguably, he is the main character in the book. Samneric
Roger Jack Merridew Jack is the antagonist in the book. He represents the darker, more evil side of human nature. He loves making rules and hurting those who do not heed them, yet he is eager to break them himself whenever needed. His main interest appears to be hunting, an activity that first begins by a desire for meat, but later transforms into a thirst for killing and controlling other living things. He opposes Ralph, the natural leader, and leads the boys to savagery. Simon Simon is a boy considered odd by many other boys on the island. He is a true visionary with an incredible imagination and artistic perspective. He often thinks outside the box and realizes that the beast may not be a physical thing, but deep within us; it may be human nature itself. He is often scoffed at for his ideas but is wise beyond his years. It is unfortunate that his words of truth are recognized only after it is too late. Piggy Piggy is the intelligent, intellectual one, but with poor eyesight, a weight problem, and asthma, he is the most physically vulnerable of all the boys, and often ridiculed despite his intelligence. In a way, Piggy represents the sensible, real world and the citizens that inhabit in, in contrast to the stupid leaders. The only way Piggy helps is when he has the aid of Ralph, a natural leader. Piggy does not have leadership qualities, and he doesn't get along well with the others. He believes that upholding social conventions get results, which is untrue. Samneric (a.k.a. Sam and Eric) The twins represent the civilized and generic people of the world; the law abiding citizens. As identical twins, they have always been a group, and they know no other way of life than submitting to the generally accepted norm. They initially want what's right, but can be easily influenced by those in power. They conform to the usual easily and will not question it. A startling turn of events... Beast from Air Tour Stop #5: A Letter Home Attention: This sequence is for use during emergency situations only. VIP Tour A plane evacuating a group of British boys during a war goes down in flames after it is struck by a deadly storm. What will happen to the boys? How will they survive? Will they make it out alive? Will WE make it out alive!? Take the... And find out! For the boys to survive, team work is essential...but who will be the team players? Will they make a successful team?
How will they conform to each other and the society they establish on their island? The Rest of the Boys The remaining boys represent the many people of the world that are followers rather than leaders. Without consideration, they change opinions, beliefs and alliances based on what is popular and what is the norm. They are easily manipulated by those that are not afraid to step all over them if necessary. These boys represent the greater percentage of humanity. Let us watch as the events unfold... The only setting in this book is the unspecified tropical island the plane crashes on. On the island, the boys explore: the Mountain
the Beach
"Castle Rock" the Forest
the Lagoon
the Ocean The common theme in this book is "conformity." When the plane crashes, Ralph and Piggy find a conch shell. Ralph blows into the conch shell, and the sound created brings all the boys on the island together. They elect Ralph to be their leader. Jack Merridew is the only boy that opposes, but he loses in votes to Ralph. The boys are required to conform to their new society and either side with Jack or Ralph initially. Ralph, as their leader, stresses the importance of building a signal fire, making shelters, and maintaining cleanliness. However, Jack thinks their main priority is hunting for meat and by calling all of his Hunters to hunt, he indirectly lets the signal fire go out just as a ship passes by. Ralph is infuriated, and his friendship with Jack is strained. After an argument, they restart the fire and leave the twins, Samneric, on duty to attend to the fire for the first night. Let's see how that turns out... The pilot has died, and his corpse floats to the top of the mountain where the boys have started their fire. The twins go wild with fear and immediately flee. They rush back to the camp and tell everyone about the Beast. The dead pilot rests on top of his open parachute, which often inflates when the wind rushes into it. To Samneric, this causes the illusion of the beast moving. Everyone believes their story, thereby conforming to the norm once again. The only boy that's always been skeptical about the "Beast" is Simon, who believes the beast isn't an external force but instead is inside the boys themselves. Of course, nobody believes him. Jack gets fed up with Ralph when his pack of Hunters are insulted. Jack, being the antagonist, breaks away from the boys and says he is going to walk off alone. He allows others to join him. Once again conforming to the norm, a majority of the boys join Jack, leaving Ralph, Piggy, Simon, and some littleuns alone. Jack and his hunters kill a sow, and offer her head on a stick to the Beast. Simon ends up stowing away for some peace and quiet. Incidentally, his secret haven is right in front of the dead pig's head. He ends up having a conversation with the pig, a.k.a. the "Lord of the Flies." Simon then deliberately goes up to the dead pilot, a.k.a. the Beast, and realizes its true identity. He decides to alert the rest of the boys, who are currently at Castle Rock having a party. During Simon's ordeal, Jack and his tribe have roasted the very sow they killed earlier, calling a feast. Ralph and Piggy are betrayed by their stomachs and decide to join Jack's feast due to hunger and a desire for merriment. A storm is brewing, and just when Ralph reprimands the boys for not having any shelters, Jack breaks out chanting... "Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood!" {everyone joins him} The boys also start reenacting the
successful hunt of the pig they just ate. They get really into it, continuously chanting. The pace grows more and more frantic and the thunderstorm intensifies. It is now that Simon suddenly emerges from the forest and breaks through the boys' circle. Simon tries to warn and comfort them by telling them that he has seen "the beast" and it is just a dead rotting body. Of course, he can barely make himself heard above the fervent chanting, roaring waves and booming thunder. The boys push him to the ground, thus making him the beast... ...and they kill him. Simon is speared, clawed and torn to death by those that were once his friends. The boys have become savages. In both cases of murder, the boys have to conform to the norm, lest they become Jack's next targets! This is like peer pressure in our everyday lives. Oh! Our plane is here. Phew. I hope you enjoyed this exclusive tour!
Do travel with us again.
You never know where life will take you...
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