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Crossed by Ally Condie

9/10/12 English Project

Ashley Palmieri

on 7 October 2012

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Transcript of Crossed by Ally Condie

Crossed by Ally Condie How far would you go to find the one you love? Ky Markham Characters Cassia Reyes Indie Vick Roberts Eli The main character of this story, and it is told partially from her point of view. Cassia is seventeen years old, has brown hair, green eyes, is skinny, and short. Cassia and her family are moved to a new village and by the request of her parents she sent to the outer provinces on a three month work detail because she is rebellious. Her love interest is Ky Markham " Much as I love looking at the stars, I never learned to guide by them. I mark my course by people." about pg.200 The 2nd main character of Crossed, and the
story is partially told from his point of view. Orphan, originally from the outer provinces,
he was adopted by his aunt and her husband
when he was ten years old. Ky is good looking, has a tan skin tone, with dark hair and blue eyes. His love interest is Cassia. "In the end you can't always choose what to keep. You can only choose how you let it go." about pg. 320 Indie is interesting,brave, sharp, determined, and mysterious
character. Cassia's "partner in crime" throughout the book. She is from the Sonoma Province. Indie has bright red hair. Vick is from the Camas Province. He was taken to the Outer Provinces after attempting to "marry" his love interest. One of Ky's "partners in crime" in the story. Eli is an orphan sent to the Outer Provinces. Ky's second "partner in crime" throughout the story. Eli is young and reminds Ky of Cassia's younger brother. He has tan skin, bright eyes, and short hair. Summary After Cassia is sent on a three month work detail in the Outer Provinces she runs away in pursuit of Ky and of finding the only other thing that has given her hope, the Rising. Cassia finds her self in the dangerous Carving, where her and Indie are pushed to their limits and struggle to survive. The only thing keeping Cassia going is the hope of reuniting with Ky and the promise of a rebellion. Will she find Ky? Is there a rebellion? Genre The genre of Crossed by Ally Condie is Science Fiction. Blurbs " A captivating story about how far someone would go to find the one they love." -Kaela Garcia "Crossed kept me reading, I couldn't put it down. It's an amazing page turner!" -Tzrina Van Fritsch "Indie stole from me because she wanted what I had...She's a rebel with a streak of safety..." -Cassia pg. 303 "Before he falls asleep, he takes out his own piece of stone and carves another notch in his boot. One more day lived without her." -Ky pg.177 " 'Cassia...this is Eli' When she turns her face lights up I know that I didn't imagine his resemblance to Bram." -Ky pg.195 My Opinion I thought that Crossed by Ally Condie was a wonderful sequel to the New York Times bestselling novel Matched. Crossed was unpredictable, it had twist and turns that I didn't see coming. I loved this book and I can't wait for the 3rd book in this trilogy to be released. Last Attempt You should read this book because it was joy to read and if you have already read Matched, you will without a doubt love Crossed. For everyone who has already read Matched and Crossed the last book of the trilogy, Reached, is said to be released November 13, 2012.
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