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Say No To The Development Of Happy Town!

No description

Esmeralda Romo

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Say No To The Development Of Happy Town!

No Development! Destruction of the Environment Air Pollution Taxes Farmland *If they decide to build more schools or hospitals etc. we will have to pay more taxes.
*If they also decide to build more streets the government will have to pay a lot of money too and that will affect us.
*That will mean that we will get a lot more taxes.
*If they approve the development in Happy Town everything will change and that is a bad thing. * Habitats will be destroyed. For example the Bald Eagles will move out of Happy Town or die. * Most likely the river will be used for sewage it will affect all the animals that live around the river. *Sewage contaminates water and the animals that drink from the river will be poisoned. * Happy Town has lots of open space and most of it is crops. * If the development occurs there will be less fresh produce. Crime *More Murders * Traffic jams
* More Co2 released from car engines
* Co2 will mix with our oxygen
* More floods & droughts for the future
* Co2 rises in certain areas
* Antarctica iceberg will melt
*Water will rise and more flooding will occur * There will be less open space for crops.
More Car accidents
More roads through taxes *Gang Violence *Human Trafficking *Robberies Happy Town's Future Happy Town's future will be ruined because of the pollution, taxes, and crime. Happy Town will no longer be enviromentally friendly and it will be large like Big City U.S.A which won't be the same. Transportation Issues Confusion to Happy Towns Emergency Services Happy Town's emergency services will be confused when there are lots of car accidents, fires, and people that are needed to be treated. The city will soon turn into a big flop when there are lots of people that are beaten, run over by cars, burned by fires in buildings, etc. It will also turn in a big flop if there are lots of crimes, fires, and wildfires at Happy Town. Over Populated Happy town will be over populated and will cause more diseases
They will destroy more land and will kill the animals that inhabit those areas. BY: Esmeralda, Heidy,Uriel,Moshley
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