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HW: Age of Empires II

No description

Luke Bailey

on 28 February 2018

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Transcript of HW: Age of Empires II

HW: Age of Empires II
-Europeans utilized native rulers to maintain dominion. (Sepoys, chiefs, etc)

-"Westernized" natives emerge as middle class.
Direct v Indirect Rule
What makes 1800s Unique

-Natives and whites segregated when whites move in. (South African Apartheid)

-New tech allows Europeans to control daily life (health, sanitation, transportation (railroads), trade, etc)
At the same time European countries are becoming more democratic, their colonies grow harsher in rule with few rights for natives

Natives are often censored from receiving too much information from Europe, in the fear that they are exposed to dangerous ideas.
Forced Labor
-Colonies generally used to extract raw materials

-Forced labor for construction projects (railroads, canals, buildings, etc)

-Rubber extraction in Belgian Congo most notorious
-In Dutch Indonesia, peasants forced to sell cash crops (sugar, coffee, etc) to state at artificially low prices

-German East Africa forced cotton production (Maji Maji Rebellion)
Trigger Warning
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