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Save My MONEY...

No description

Chrysis Neophytou

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Save My MONEY...

Save My MONEY... Save My MONEY App & Site It calculates your expenses(receipts & bills scanner) for each month and you can see how much money you have available to spend.

In case of an overdraft (of the calculated spending amount) the next month's budget will be lower in order to balance the difference. When the user remains within the calculated balance he will be rewarded.

Cooperation with the state in order to help its effort to make tax submission less bureaucratic and transformed into an electronic platform

Use Save my MONEY to:
See your current balance
check dept balance
Submit receipts for tax purposes
Tax submission(Year's total) Sales income

Governmental Funding

Deals sites advertising at the tips feature THANK YOU... Money don't grow on trees Create a new innovated Personal Finance Management app
Steadily increase of our Users
Constantly improving and evolving app’s services
Cooperation with Deals sites for advertising purposes
Cooperation with Banks Creation : Hire web and app designers

Promotion: Social Media, Financial sites & newspapers, government sites

Deliverance: Available on application stores We can help you stop wasting them! Find out exactly where your money end up This app can help you get some... ...Honey!

Simulation-assistant: The assistant will communicate verbally with the user, giving updates and answer questions Additional-optional Features "The world needs banking but it does not need banks." Bill Gates
chairman of Microsoft THE TEAM Competitors & threats Competitive Advantages The Market The Business Model Revenue Streams This is the first Greek Finance management app
Guaranteed safety of personal data (unique passwords etc )
Innovative personal finance management app
Reduces bureaucracy
Reinforcement of the e-taxing People unable to use technology or unwilling to submit personal information

Similar apps The Problem/Market Gap The Economic Crisis creates the need for:

Better money management
Advanced guidance about your total earnings and expenditures

Lack of free time Creates the need for:
Less time devoted to bureaucratic procedures When it comes to money everyone needs a helping hand... Customer Base Everyone who is comfortable using technology in a daily base can use the Save my money app & site The Value Proposition This personal finance management app helps you keep track of your expenditures and earnings and manage your money more effectively. Friendly user interface, offering high-standard assistance Expected Results & Targets 2013 2017 Greece

Cooperation with the state Greece

Cooperation with Banks Also a feature will give tips in how to save money and power and propose deals (cooperation with deals sites)
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