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Should children under the age 13 watch MTV or Music Videos?

No description

Lauren Brewer

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Should children under the age 13 watch MTV or Music Videos?

Should children under the age 13 watch MTV or Music Videos?
Lauren Brewer
I do not believe that children under the age 13 should watch MTV or music videos because.....
1. They shouldn't see such negative behavior.
2. They may think they should behave like the characters in the music videos.
3. They Should not see hear the cursing words in the music videos.

Do you believe children under the age 13 should watch MTV or music videos?
Negative things in music videos
The music video "Baby got back" by Sir-Mix-A-Lot shows women dancing in high cut shorts and have people dancing on gigantic butts.
Those are not good images for their young eyes to see1 No child should see those images they should not be exposed to those things at young ages
Would you like your young relatives to act in such a negative way like I just showed? I wouldn't that is not a good way to act do you know the result if they began to act like them?
Do you want your little ones dressing/ behaving like this? I don't think so. No one wants their young people acting in negative ways
would you want your little one walking around saying curse words? I wouldn't curse words does not sound good coming from a grown person let alone a child. Do you know what a curse kid look and sound like?
Did that sound or look good in anyway? No, that was terrible kids how to curse from hearing their parents or hearing it in music. Do you want your young ones cursing?
These are all horrible things that are in music videos and that can put bad influences on the young ones. I believe the children should have a childhood they don't need t grow up fast and dress grown use or bad language. The children who does these things are just going to end up doing bad things in the future if they are not stopped now.
Curse words
Change in Behavior
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