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The Rise of Europe

Chapter 8: Section 1 - The Early Middle Ages

Ben and Christine Mello-Hemsley

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of The Rise of Europe

The Early Middle Ages
Chapter 13: Section 1
Remember Rome?
Well,People of the middle ages didn't
When the Empire dissolved, many people across Europe kept the state religion of Christianity
Many 'barbarians' were also converted to
- King of the
Don't let the painting fool you, he was a great warrior, and a practical leader.
was a
(not a Christian)

His was wife was Christian
What are the
Middle Ages?

What is

Literally: The Middle Time
Between the fall of Rome, and the Renaissance
about 500 AD to 1500 AD
1000 years of '
' after the brilliance of Greece and Rome
This was also a time of blending traditions - Roman, Germanic, and Christian traditions slowly melded into one culture
Clovis converts to Christianity on the battlefield
So, who are the Franks?
Well, they are certainly not like the Romans
Herders and Farmers - so no large cities, just small communities

No written rules or laws, just traditions and local customs

Kings were elected by the tribe - Shared plunder with warriors in return for loyalty
The Franks lived in what we now call France...
Clovis ruled with Frankish customs, but kept much of the Roman legacy.

Conversion to Christianity - gained Clovis and the Franks papal support, unified the Franks
A new threat to the Franks and Christianity
began in the Middle East around 600.
Their culture flourished, and the Muslims expanded East and West
armies conquered most of modern day Spain and invaded France in 700's
Who will stop the Muslim armies from overrunning Europe?!?!
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's.....


Descendant of Clovis, Master Soldier
Charles defeats the invaders at the
Battle of Tours
(a city in France)
Year: 732
The Frank's victory was seen as a sign from God that the Franks were indeed following the right God.
Islam continued to flourish in Spain, and was a constant threat to the rest of Europe for many years.
The Muslims were far more advanced than the Christians at the time, and trading between the two cultures increased.
Charles Martel had a grandson...named Charles Martel
We know him better as
His kingdom was constantly under attack
Through his battles, he re-conquered most of the old Western Roman Empire
Meanwhile, in the city of Rome...
Pope Leo III
was having trouble in Rome...

He was in control..but the noblemen of Rome didn't like that...

They fought against Pope Leo III (each had armies)
Pope Leo III asked his powerful neighbor Charlemagne for help...

In thanks, the pope crowned Charlemagne Emperor of the Romans.

Date: Christmas Day, 800
Revived the idea of a united Christian kingdom in Europe.
Revived education, art, reading and writing, and Latin.
Sent officials into the kingdom to inspect public works, and administer justice.
Through these, Charlemagne unified his kingdom and people
814 - Charlemagne dies
His grandsons fight over the kingdom for 32 years - finally the kingdom was split into three parts
Charlemagne was seen by later monarchs as the ideal king, and many looked to his example on how to unify their people
Raiders from all sides!
Charlemagne's successors had to deal with many waves of invaders
Muslim armies were still a threat in the south
settled in Hungary and raided most of Europe
but the most fearsome, deadly, and most threatening to life and culture in Europe were...
The Vikings!
wait...no not these guys
These Vikings!
's home was
modern day Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark.
Viking Raids
Kingdom divided into regions
each governed by a 'Count' - like a governor
Missi Dominici - the lord's messengers - making sure justice is served and that the counts stay loyal
"Let the Missi themselves make a diligent investigation whenever any man claims that an injustice has been done to him by anyone...and they shall administer the law fully and jsutly in the case of the holy churches of God and of the poor, of wards [orphans], and widows, and of the whole people."
- Charlemagne
Education and Learning
Charlemagne starts schools for his own children and others
scholars from across Europe hired to write a curriculum and teach courses based on the Roman model
scholars produced a readable bible using the font Caroline Miniscule'
What steps did Charlemagne take to help assure that his officials ruled effectively and honestly?

1. Western Kingdom
(Charles the Bald)

2. Middle Kingdom

3. Eastern Kingdom
(Louis the German)
Vikings were also known
as "
" or "Men
from the North"
What technology allowed the Viking to raid Europe successfully?

Were the Vikings attempting to conquer?
Viking Longboat
Shallow draft
wide beam
powered by sail and oar
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