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Freshman Focus @ Fort

No description

Michael Drescher

on 20 August 2015

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Transcript of Freshman Focus @ Fort

Freshman Focus
Fort Vancouver High School

What are our goals?
Why do we have it?
Reduce the 'F' rate
Increase on-time graduation rate
Improve student attendance
Decrease student discipline incidents
Raise GPA's to give more students a shot at a 4 year college
Promote student involvement in clubs, sports, and community service
Build lasting positive relationships

Challenges for Freshmen
9th grade can be a difficult year
More homework
Figuring out a new campus
New teachers
More demanding/challenging classes
Higher stakes: GPA matters for college admission
Failed classes can mean not graduating or not graduating on time
Nearly a third of high school drop outs happen during 9th grade
Dropping out of high school/not going to college has huge economic disadvantages
More one-on-one support in core subjects
Extra time/extra help to complete assignments
Group of teachers and peers to look out for you and support you
Training in study skills
Social, personal, and academic goal setting
Community service opportunities (Student Watershed Monitoring Network, Teach 1 to Lead 1)

Our Goals
Class Structure
Same teachers for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th period
Occasional whole-group activities/events
Common PRTI on Tuesdays: focus on study skills, grade checks, organization, etc...
Similar routines and grading practices
iPads are a required part of all three classes
Students expected to have iPads charged and available in every class
Canvas learning management system for receiving/turning in assignments
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