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He's Blind For A Reason You Know

Chapter 22

Jackie Aybar

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of He's Blind For A Reason You Know

Chapter 22

He's Blind For A
Reason You Know In this chapter, Thomas C. Foster explains how in many stories authors will try to emphasize or introduce an important part about their character or the story. The author will reference the main theme/quality of the character (or story) throughout their work. They will do so constantly throughout the book from the beginning so the reader will pick up on the importance of it, Whether it be moral, fact, personality trait, etc. That way the reader will recognize the important role this plays when the climactic moment comes. Summary Example 1 Foster refers back to a major story in this chapter; "Oedipus Rex". In "Oedipus Rex" the main character Oedipus, cannot see the truth of the lie he is living in. He killed his father and married his mother but does not know it. Only a blind seer knows the real truth. Once Oedipus recognizes the horrible truth that is his life, he blinds himself.

Foster says the story often includes references to sight, as the blind seer tries to tell the truth; "He will 'bring the matter to light', will 'look into things', will 'show everyone the truth'".
Foster says that "the author wants to emphasize other levels of sight and blindness beyond the physical." Example 2 Example 3 By Jackie Aybar and
Katrina Garzon Analysis: Foster summarizes "If you want your audience to know something important about your character (or the work at large), introduce it early, before you need it." Analysis: Once sight is understood as the main component in this story, the reader can see that it is Oedipus who is really blind from the beginning and the blind seer who can see everything that is going on. So when Oedipus blinds himself the reader knows that this is what the story was leading up to; the climax of the story. Analysis: "An eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind" -Gandhi ~Flawless Pretty Little Liars novel Much like in the movie "Harry Potter and the sorcerers stone" there is much foreshadowing that incorporates Fosters depicted element. The opening scene introduces the movie with Harry obtaining his renowned scar from Voldemort.

The scar signifies a connection with Voldemort and implies a future reunion with the dark lord.
The movie will often refer back to his scar and make constant references to it to indicate an inevitable showdown. Example 4 Movie example-
Constant reference to Harry Potter's scar ~Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone Analysis: -This is the opening quote for the second book in the Pretty Little Liars Novels
- The Two Reasons the author used this quote:
>It foreshadows what will happen in the book.
>The author is giving the reader a clue that blindness will play a role in the book.
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