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LaurenAlexis RouckSales

on 11 January 2014

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Transcript of SUCCESS

Empowering Prosperity
Organizations Where Motivation Is Critical
Very Dangerous
destroy confidence
disloyal and bitter
more likely to give up
constant fear of mistakes
Quick motivator
Works for people...
afraid of loss
want to improve

Techniques That Empower and Motivate Teams to Success
Motivation through Fear
Motivation Through Incentives
Something to work toward
Short-term goal
Tangible item to show their success
Increases the want to do the task
Prize needs to be desirable
Goal needs to be specific and achievable
Motivation Through Direction
Motivation driven by outside factors

Motivation driven by factors from inside
Creative Team Building Methods
Golf outings
Two truths and a lie game
Interview each other
Play card games
Trust exercises
Spending time together outside of school and sports
Finding common interests

Opportunity to learn new things
Opportunity to meet new people
Opportunity to gain experience in the business world
Desire to succeed for team
Long-term motivation
Creates a purpose
Highly effective
Changes teammates way of thinking
Working for a common goal
Leads to trust and understanding
Makes players want to be there
Ways to Motivate Your Team
Show them their progress
Celebrate little achievements
Reinforce the goals of the team
Provide feedback that would help them improve
Create incentives if goals are achieved
Develop relationships with the team
Provide enjoyable competitions
Other Leadership Styles
Leading by example
Demonstrate what you want to see
Building Relationships
Approachable and comfortable
Has a vision for the future
Extrinsic vs. Intrinsic
Goal Setting
Specific: time, place, days, exact amount
State how to achieve the goal
State expected outcome: extrinsic and intrinsic
Record results
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