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The Great Gatsby- Chapter 5

No description

Katie Nuottila

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby- Chapter 5

The Great Gatsby-
Chapter 5 Katie Nuottila Questions Images The Green Light Rain The Clock Why does Gatsby deliver so many goods and services to Nick's house? Describe the effect of rain on the plot. Why does Gatsby offer Nick work? How does Nick feel about this? First Third Second Sequence Nick and Gatsby are standing outside their houses talking about when Daisy is coming to Nick's for tea. Gatsby offers Nick a job but Nick declines. The significance of this part is if Nick had not been willing to plan a surprise visit with Gatsby and Daisy they probably would have never met in awhile. Gatsby feels as if he owes Nick for planning this meeting. That is the reason Gatsby offered Nick a job. After Gatsby and Daisy meet and their conversation at Nick is over, they go to Gatsby's house. When Gatsby shows Daisy his shirts she begins to sob. The reason this part of the sequence is significant is Daisy is seeing Gatsby is what she always wanted. He is rich and has money and that is the only reason she married Tom. When Daisy sees the shirts she sees how successful Gatsby is and begins to cry. Gatsby offers Nick to work for him because he wants to repay him for arranging the meeting between Daisy and him. He offers Nick to work on a side project he has but he does not say what the project is. Nick does not want to work for him because he feels like he is only being used by Gatsby to get closer to Daisy. Gatsby send the person to do Nick's yard because he wants Nick's house to look good from the outside too look nice for Daisy. he also has the flowers delivered to him so that not only does the outside of the house look good but so does the inside. The rain sets and intensifies the mood along with
Gatsby's mood to the reader. It helps the reader to feel
Gatsby's sense of gloom and doom about the meeting with Daisy. The green light is used to show how Gatsby has held onto Daisy. He has not forgotten about her while they have been apart. Gatsby still hopes for the day where he can have Daisy as his own. Nick explains that the green light was used to connect Gatsby and Daisy while they lived across the river from each other. Nick is preparing for Daisy and Gatsby's tea and it is pouring down rain. Gatsby sends over a gardener and flowers to Nick's house. Gatsby is in a bad mood and when Daisy arrives Gatsby is nervous and breaks Nick's clock. Everything goes well between them and Daisy starts crying from intense joy. The significance of the preparations is to show how important the meeting was to Gatsby. The fact that Gatsby is "glowing" and Daisy is crying shows they what they were talking about made them both extremely happy. When Gatsby broke the clock it shows how nervous he was to see Daisy after all the years gone by. The raining helps to intensify and set the mood of the plot. Characters Why does Gatsby get so many phone calls? What does this say about him? Gatsby gets so many phone calls because he is apart of the gang. Him getting the calls shows he is a n important person to different people. Explain the significance of the green light? Gatsby Daisy Klipspringer Klipspringer is a younger character who "plays" piano for Gatsby. He is introduced while Gatsby is showing Daisy around his house. Daisy becomes happier within this chapter. She is reunited with Gatsby and her character becomes more open and excited. In this chapter Gatsby lets his guard down. He is no longer the put together man he normally is. The vulnerable side of Gatsby is shown especially when he getting ready for Daisy's arrival and is pale white. Mood In the chapter when the preparations for Daisy is happening the mood is gloomy. The actions are slow, characters moods are down, and the readers mood at what is happening will be gloomy as well. Imagery Imagery comes up on one occasion when Gatsby is describing Klipspringer. Imagery is also used when the description of Gatsby house is said when Daisy goes there for teh first time. Literary Terms
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