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water pollution to are plants and animals

No description

Gene Monahan

on 12 June 2015

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Transcript of water pollution to are plants and animals

water pollution to are plants and animals
are animals are even worse
"1. More Than a Million Sea Birds and Mammals Are Killed Each Year By Ingestion of Plastic"
5 Ways Water Pollution is Killing Animals | Care2 Causes
are plants are in danger
"• Plants may be killed by too much sodium chloride (ordinary slat) in water
• Plants may be killed by mud from construction sites as well as bits of wood and leaves, clay and other similar materials
• Plants may be killed by herbicides in water; herbicides are chemicals which are most harmful to plants"

May disrupt photosynthesis in aquatic plants and thus affecting ecosystems that depend on these plants"
can you believe that !!!
you probably can,and that's just sad
we can help in many ways with just a few easy steps:
smart farming practices
environmental assessments
promote new laws which bring changes to industries
trash in water

Pollution Effects On Plants and Trees | forestrynepal

www.forestrynepal.org › ... › Environmental (locality) factors › Pollution
we are hurting whats helping
"2. Chemical Runoff From Farms Has Caused 400 Dead Zones Around the World"
"3. Noise Pollution is Driving Animals to Extinction"
"4. Cruise Ships Dump More Than 250,000 Gallons of Wastewater and Sewage Every Day"
"5. Acid Rain Discharges Toxic Amounts of Aluminum into the Water Systems"
my dad
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