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International Truck



on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of International Truck

84% email
79% mobile
62% print magazines
46% print newspapers
37% scheduled broadcast TV
32% social networks
20% Twitter Most Least I couldn't do without ... Beneath the trivia of the tweet is a strategic battle for the future of search. Google is not yet operating at speed in real time web services. And real time search may become the dominant way that consumers access businesses in the future. -Wired THE BUSINESS OF DELIVERING INFORMATION It has been said that people will retain 10% of what they read,
20% of what they hear, thirty percent of what they see,
and 50% of what they both see and hear. webcasts video "In today's media environment, the worst thing we can do is compete using the same standards as others in our industry. To be the best, we must revolutionize how business media is used in order to reach audiences"
-John French, CEO Cygnus Business Media Becky Schultz, Editor, Equipment Today Debbie George, Publisher, Equipment Today Gregg Wartgow, Editor, PRO Rick Monogue, Publisher, PRO PRO reaches 57,505 readers in the landscape industry
22% have annual sales over $1 million
44% have annual sales under $250k 75% (43,129) perform various “installation services” and require a skid steer, mini excavator, tractor and related attachments. PRO generates more sales leads than any other publication in the landscape industry We work with you and offer progressive solutions to deliver your messages in the most effective manner, determined by the audience. Your success is our success. Through its media, Cygnus reaches more than 1.5 million print subscribers, nearly 1 million industry professionals via its Custom Marketing services group, and attracts 2 million unique visitors to its websites monthly. Cygnus Business Media's diverse portfolio serves 14 market
categories with print, interactive products, and live events. Equipment Today's circulation of over
77,0000 contractors
has the highest written PDR in the industry. Equipment Today 43.2% Construction Equipment 24.7% Equipment World 13.3% Our content, presented in tabloid size format,
captures readers attention,
generating awareness of your ad message Equipment Today is the leading tabloid publication
for providing valuable information
to highway & heavy and commercial construction contractors. 230,343 Page Views 883% Growth of ForConstructionPros.com
Page Views since 2006 2010 69,094 Visitors 68,010 Uniques 49,103 Page Views 15,300 Visitors 14,548 Uniques 2010 72% of decision makers agree that Webinars and Webcasts
are a convenient way
to learn something about their industry. Media consumption is being liberated from geography.
-wired magazine Total Statistics from March 2009 – March 2010

Cygnus Total - Webcasts72

Cygnus Total - Unique Viewers17,371

Cygnus Total - Registrants27,857

Cygnus Total - Live Attendees15,098

Cygnus Total - % Attended54%

Cygnus Total - On-Demand 2,681 enewsletters e-blasts ONLINE Numbers tell a story EQUIPMENT NETWORK EQUIPMENT CONNECTOR Over 40% of all page views
are attributed to the Equipment Network
on ForConstructionPros.com. http://www.forconstructionpros.com/video/ http://www.greenindustrypros.com/video/index.jsp http://equipment.forconstructionpros.com/profile/12862/JOHN_DEERE http://equipment.greenindustrypros.com/profile/21494/John_Deere_Commercial_and_Consumer_Equipment ROI Video Player Statistics for FCP.com
9/2009 - 3/2010

ForConstructionPros.com Featured Video
No. of Player Loads 24,672
# of Title Plays 2,615
# of MB Downloaded 34436.4
# of Minutes Downloaded 6,370
Avg. Min/Title Play 2.4 Video Player Statistics for FCP.com
9/2009 - 3/2010

ForConstructionPros.com Video Network
No. of Player Loads 5,886
# of Title Plays 9,252
# of MB Downloaded 96,731.48
# of Minutes Downloaded 19,758
Avg. Min/Title Play 2.1 http://www.forconstructionpros.com/webcast/ getting social print continuing solutions based offerings THE FUTURE blogs http://www.forconstructionpros.com/mailings/dave/ET_2010ShowcaseCover/ epubs Cygnus Business Media's Construction Equipment print market segment (6 publications) reaches nearly 200,000 owners and managers of heavy construction equipment, national and international equipment manufacturers, professional contractors, construction equipment dealers, product distributors, rental companies, CEOs, presidents, planning executives and other key people in the construction industry. success team bpa http://www.forconstructionpros.com/arc/index.php?propertyID=2 http://www.forconstructionpros.com/interactive/category/buildings-bridges-bottom-lines/ http://www.greenindustrypros.com/interactive/ Going to Market Going to Market ECONOMIC OUTLOOK ECONOMIC OUTLOOK The goal for the present and future is proving
content where readers want to access it. Omeda strategic partners with mobile No other snow removal publication reaches so many prospects in five different markets at such a low cost per contact. Snow PRO is a supplement to five Cygnus Business Media magazines:

* Yard & Garden
* Rental Product News
* Equipment Today
* Pavement Circulation of over 120,000 subscribers located only in the snow-belt states in the U.S. and Canada. On-target circulation because all publications are BPA-audited and meet Cygnus Business Media standards for personal direct requests to receive the magazine. Snow PRO features original snow removal editorial and product information produced at the Cygnus Business Media quality level. http://base.forconstructionpros.com/reports/report.php?cu=40e4e42fc620ace091854042c732894d&start-date=3%2F01%2F2009&end-date=4%2F26%2F2010 http://www.greenindustrypros.com/arc/index.php?propertyID=11&productID=79 bpa http://www.cygnusinteractive.com/global/bpa/244b.pdf
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