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New York Energy Star Certified Homes

No description

Pitch Kitchen

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of New York Energy Star Certified Homes

Customer “FAQ’s”

NYSERDA Collateral (brochures, etc.)
Cooperative Advertising
Online resources
“Ambassadors” network
Marketing & Advertising Tools
Operated by New York State Energy Research & Development Authority
Standards address energy efficiency throughout house.
Supports comfort, durability, & the environment.
Proven technologies & advanced building practices
Features designed for efficient operation, increased system lifespan, reduced future maintenance.
Stringent evaluation
* Figures from EPA’s 2011 Awareness Report
**consumers in areas with a high profile, sponsored program
Market Recognition

Rapidly Evolving Energy Codes
Multiple Listing Services noting Efficiency Features
Energy Savvy Buyers
Goals and Policies Arising in Many Municipalities
Ahead of the Curve
In-Progress & Final Site Inspections
Combustion Testing
Building Envelope Testing
Duct Testing
HERS Rating
Verification of ENERGY STAR Checklists
Third Party Standards & Verification
Are certifications important?
What do you know about ENERGY STAR?
Do you work with Builders or Partners?
What are your home buyers saying?
for Sales Professionals

New York
ENERGY STAR Certified Homes

ENERGY STAR’s 20th Anniversary
ENERGY STAR homes started in 1995
Over 80% of Americans recognize ENERGY STAR
$230 Billion in customer utility savings
of consumers** recognize
Consumers associate brand with energy & savings
Appliances are
most associated
associate with new homes
Market Advantages
How much will I save on utility bills?
Do ENERGY STAR homes “breathe”?
Is ENERGY STAR a “green” certification?
Are ENERGY STAR homes Cost Prohibitive?
Aren’t all new homes energy efficient nowadays?
Ambassador (Builder’s Salesperson/Listing Broker)
For Answers to Buyer Questions
Brand Recognition
Conservation Services Group (518) 207-4500
Points to Remember
4. Market Differentiator & Reflects ³Today¹s Buyers² Preferences
Third-Party Certified - Quality Assurance
Addresses the ³True Costs of Ownership²
a. Mortgage, Re-sale Value
b. Maintenance Costs
c. Utility Costs
Lower Cost of Ownership
Wall-to-Wall Comfort
Maximize Your Investment
Indoor Air Quality - Peace Of Mind
Benchmarking Performance - MPG (HERS Index)
Financing Tools - SONYMA, EEM³Subsidized Option² -
Builder Incentives & Tax Credits
Powerful, Trusted Brand that conveys Energy Savings
Utilizes the latest building science and technologies to address all aspects of the home to deliver optimum performance.
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