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Canada and Japan Trading Partners

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marvin yan

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Canada and Japan Trading Partners

Canada and Japan Trading Partners Imports and Exports Japan Imports many goods all around the world. Things they usually import machinery and equipment. They also import natural rubbers, iron and steel, which some of these things come from Canada. (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Rubber Iron and Steel Now to Exports! Japan exports many things from to other countries all around the world. They ususally export automobiles, machines, equipment to canada and other countries too. Sometimes Canada also exports lumber, coals, and seafoods. Canada's major exports are aircraft, chemicals, parts, Maple syrup(obviously), fertilizers and crude petroleum. Japan's exports and imports are about the same because, they need the parts of machinery and equipment to make things, but also need to export them to gain money and to sell the automobiles and other things. Japan Canada Imports Canada has imported many things from Japan Some things they import from Japan are Fact Japan is one of
the world's top
ten trading
partners. cars, automobiles. Canada and Japan are very close trading partners, in fact Japan is
Canada's 2nd biggest trading partner Exports As you can see, the workers need the parts. So
other countries exported the equipment to the them, which this country imported. They then built the machine from the parts, and exported them(sold them), or kept it for themselves. Canada exports many things. In fact, if USA never existed, Canada and Japan would probably be the most major countries to trade between each other. Crude Petroleum is a
mineral oil, used to
fuel oil. Warning, is
flammable. Fact Why do Countries like Canada and Japan trade? Countries trade because their countries would like new technology, a better version of something, or for needs and wants. Some countries like Canada and USA, trade among themselves to show that they mean peace.

The cost of something also might be cheaper when
built somewhere else,and then would have it exported it back to them. The dangers of trading in exports and imports When trading in ships or aircrafts, you have to be CAREFUL, very CAREFUL!
if a ship sinks or an aircraft stops in midflight, millions, NO billions, NO trillons of dollars will be lost! If you put important things on a boat like spices and equipment, the things could be stolen or could be missing. Other dangers could also be greater then that! For example, let's say a ship with cargo on it makes it to the designation, but a few years later the country you gave the cargo to, uses the cargo to create a weapon to harm others. Another possibility could be if when you arrive at the shore of the designation, the country betrays you and therefore starts a huge a fight, which disrubts the line of peace. These are some dangers of trade. How Countries Trade Countries usually trade by boat or plane. if the countries are beside each other, they can trade by train. Although some countries can trade, others cannot. They might not have the right transportation for trade or cannot afford any money for huge planes and boats, that's why richer countries help them. What is surplus, and what is deficit? Surplus is when a country has to much of a good or supply. When a country has to much of something, they can sell or exchange it for another good, they want or need. When a country has to little of a something, it is called deficit. they then ask other countries to import the needed or wanted good to them. THat countries exports it, which the other country imports. BYE ? Iron Iron
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