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Copy of Thesis Presentation: First Defense

No description

Joed Parin

on 1 February 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Thesis Presentation: First Defense

Background of the Study
Statement of the Problem
This study wants to answer the following:
Objectives of the Study
The main objective of this study is to develop a Requisition Document Tracking System.
Scope and Limitation of the Study
-The requests for utilizing the venues, facilities and the acquisition of properties, equipment or materials are the main concern of the study
-Thus, the requestor or staff is not allowed to modify, delete or edit the said document.
Supply Management Requisition Document Tracking System

Armando A. Dela Cruz Jr.
Chapter 1
• Can the office immediately track the undelivered item requested by the requestor?
• Does the process of classifying request document is properly categorized?
• Does the chosen technology fits to the development of the system?
Specifically this study would like to:
• Monitor items and equipment that are delivered and requested.
• Categorize requested document and generate priority request.
• Familiarize the components and functionality of JAVA SE technology
-This system can generate priority request, track undelivered item and most especially can create important report.
-The personnel are fully reliable for adding, monitoring, updating and maintaining the system since he has access on it
-The system is a desktop application only using the JAVA SE technology and SQL Server 2008 R2 as database backend.
Chapter 2
Review Related Literature and Studies
Chapter 3
Technology Background
The Supply Management Document Tracking System will be using
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
as the database backend.
-The technology is using platform for development and deployment of portable applications for desktop and server environments.
-It provides libraries for database access.
-It contains all of the libraries and APIs that any Java programmer should learn
Swing (JAVA)
-Provides many new components and containers that allow building sophisticated user interfaces, far beyond what was possible with AWT.
- It also adds several completely new features to Java's user interface capabilities: drag-and-drop, undo, and the ability to develop own "look and feel," or the ability to choose between several standard looks.
-The Swing components are all "lightweight," and therefore provide more uniform behavior across platforms, making it easier to test the software.
SQL Server 2008 R2
-MSSQL Server 2008 allows end users to tap into the powerful business intelligence features of SQL Server via tight integration with popular Microsoft applications like Excel.
-Compared with its predecessor, SQL Server 2008, the new version is more powerful, with support for up to 256 logical CPUs.
-Jasper Report is an open source java reporting engine, is Java based and doesn't have its own expression syntax.
-As Jasper Reports is a Java class library, and is not meant for end users, but rather is targeted towards Java developers who need to add reporting capabilities to their applications.
Chapter 4
System analysis, Design and Implementation
Use Case Diagram
Supply Management Requisition Document Tracking System

Entity Relationship Diagram
System Architecture
Thank You!
-the requests for utilizing the venues, facilities and the acquisition of properties, equipment or materials are the main focus of the study.
-The SMO HTC is the overall in charge in the acquisition of new properties and equipment, its utilization and the disposition of unserviceable or no longer needed equipment of the College.
-because of having so many request documents stored in their office sometimes the personnel couldn’t track, monitor or retrieve immediately the request document to be processed.
-the proposed system enables the personnel to store the request document in the computer and categorize it accordingly.
-The Document Tracking System is a method of storing, organizing and providing remote electronic access to documents.
-Through, Requisition Document Tracking the documents are being organized and categorized in a database that includes the information and additional information related to each document.
Pasuelo et. al. (1998-2014) “Document Tracking System of ICTD”
-The developed system was implemented only within and among the users of the City Mayor’s Office with the objectives to document, receive, assess, delegate, and finally provide a plan and solution for a “24-Hour Action Taken”.
Baxter et. Al. (1998-2002). “Content management system”.
-this system organizes the content of the information separately from the appearance of the presented information. The pages of the information are organized into documents and borders.
Yehuda. et. Al. (1997-2001). “Computerized document management system”.
-managing a document acted upon by at least one participant in creating, evaluating or revising the document is provided.
Ignatchenko et. Al. (2005). “Secure document management system”.
-The invention provides a method and apparatus for secure management of data in a computer controlled storage system. The system includes a trusted data management server (tdm server), responsive to a user or user program application, for storing data in and retrieving data from a storage system.
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