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The Canterbury Tales

No description

Haley Hession

on 2 November 2015

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Transcript of The Canterbury Tales

The Friar is described as...
"...rounded like a bell" (263).
He wears an expensive semi cope, like a pope, rather than the clothing of a humble friar.
"His two eyes twinkled" (267)
The Prioress, The Monk, and The Friar
By: Haley Hession
Leeanna Broome
Trace Jordan
The Monk
Budging eyes
"Fat was this lord,
he stood in goodly
case,/his bulging
eyes he rolled about,
and hot/ they gleamed red like
fire beneath a pot''
The Monk
Loves to hunt and eat
Enjoys fine things
Wears expensive clothing, while the poor struggle
"I saw his sleeves were purfled at the hand/With fur of grey, the finest in the land;”
He also wears a fine
gold brooch
The Monk
Chaucer's controversy
The Monk pays no regard for the teachings and beliefs of the church
"The rule of Maurus or Saint Benedict,/By reason it was old and somewhat strict,/This said monk let such old things slowly pace/And followed new-world manners in their place.”
The Monk
Purfled: Having a decoration or ornament on the border.
The Prioress
The Prioress
The Prioress
The Friar
The Friar
The Friar
The End
Thanks for watching! :)
The Prioress
A Prioress is a nun who is the head of a religious order.
The monk is similar to Miley Cyrus
The monk doesn't follow the rules of the monastery, and Miley Cyrus doesn't follow the standards of acceptable behavior (especially in the catholic faith)
The Prioress is wearing a, "neat...cloak," and on her arm she wears a bracelet of beads, "gauded all with green."
She also wears a golden brooch that one it has, "first written a crowned 'A,' And under, Amor cincit omnia." This means "Love Conquers All."
The Prioress is described as "not under grown." She also has a large forehead almost "a full span broad."
She has a fine face with tender features. Her eyes are, "blue as glass," and her lips "soft and red."

The Prioress
The Monk
Miley Cyrus is a famous singer
She has a short hairstyle
She wears very little clothing when performing or in her photo shoots
She has a very provocative personality
She does many inappropriate things in her performances that upset many people
The Prioress' personality is full of contradictions. Chaucer tells us that she'd "weep if she but saw a mouse caught in a trap." Yet she keeps little dogs who she feeds with "roasted flesh." So her tears over a dead mouse must not be as grand as she makes it seem.
The Prioress has many strange habits that she focuses on. Some of these strange habits are speaking French even though "French of Paris was not hers to know," and whistling through her nose. She also focus on proper eating and eats with "so much care the food upon her plate." She does this to, "counterfeit the look of courtliness." So the Prioress is trying to be delicate, but it is not her true nature.
Chaucer criticism in his character of the Prioress is that she is not what you would expect her to be like. She is trying to act like someone she is not. She has all these strange habits to make it seem like she is a delicate lady. This shows she cares more about what others think of her then focusing on her duties as a head nun. In a way he is also criticizing the church by having a unchristian nun as the head nun.

A Friar is a religious person sworn to poverty who helps the poor.
Their means of income is a license to beg.
Happy, festive
Well Liked
Seems generous, but caters only to the rich
"he was an easy man to give penance/when knowing he should gain a good pittance" (223-4)
he is greedy
The Friar
Chaucer used the Friar in the same way he used the Monk: to criticize the hypocrisy and greed of the Church. Friar are supposed to be poor, humble people, dedicated to helping others and representing the faith. Instead, this friar cares not for the lepers, but for how much money a man will give him. At this time, the Church behaved similarly, nursing its own greed and corruption.
A monk is a member of a religious community consisting of of men.
They all take vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience.
The Monk
A person in modern society that is like the Monk is Miley Cyrus.
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