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The Nervous System

No description

Alexandra 110gs

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of The Nervous System

The Nervous System Example What Is the Nervous System? What Makes the Nervous System? Is one of the many fasinating systems in your body that is crucial for your survival. Each system preforms a different task. I think of the nervous system as the human mailman or post office because it sends and recieves messages throughout your body. Conclusion Withought the Nervous system you could not survive. With a damaged
spinal cord you never be able to walk, talk or even move ever again.
So treat your body with respect because some people aren't as lucky
as you to have a healthy body with healthy and working systems. When you hear 'NERVOUS system' most people relate to the feeling you get when you are scared to over come any challenge such as public speaking.

The nervous system runs like wires throughout your body sending out and receiving signals between different parts of your body. It conrols behaviour, movement and processes like digestion and circulation. The nervous system consists of many parts.

1. The BRAIN is the 'comander/instructer for you whole body. It controls almost everything you do like thoughts, movements and feelings.
2.Spinal Cord is the long 'tube' in your back that extends from the back of your brain to your lower back. The main purpose of the spinal cord is to transmit messages to the brain. With a damaged spinal cord you could be paralyzed because the nerves no longer can reach specific parts of your body (legs).
3. Nerves are like skinny pieces of thread that are placed throughout the body. The nerves connect to the spinal cord witch goes to the brain and so forth. For EXAMPLE if someone were to pinch you on your arm the nerves in your arm would connect back to your spinal cord which sends a message to your brain, saying 'you just got pinched' if it hurts your brain registers that it hurts and sends pain to basically tell your conscience brain to react to what has just happened.

Believe it or not this happens so FAST you can not tell what is happening, you can only feel what your brain is telling you. The brain RECIEVING messages - If your brain is recieving the messages from your body it starts at the nerves at the spot of contact, to your spinal cord and then to your brain. The brain SENDING messages - If your brain needs to send a message
to a part of your body. This message travels from your brain through the spinal cord and in to the nerve that can take it to the part of the body recieving the message.
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