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Zionism Timeline

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Sachi Villanueva

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Zionism Timeline

Theodor Herzl established Zionism. He convened and chaired the first Zionist Congress at Basel, Switzerland on August 29-31, 1897 which states that "Zionism strives to create a national home for the Jewish people in Palestine secured by public law". The centre of the movement was established in Vienna.
Herzl traveled to Israel and Istanbul to meet Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany and the Sultan of Ottoman Empire, where he received no help to find solution to anti-Semitism. He then turned to Great Britain for help where he met Joseph Chamberlain.
British government offered 6,000 square miles (15, 500 square km) of uninhabited Uganda for settlement, but Zionists wanted Palestine.
Herzl at the First Zionist Congress (1897)
(Israel Government Press Office)
Herzl died from pneumonia and heart problem. The leadership moved from Vienna to Cologne, then to Berlin.
Herzl’s Tomb on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem
(Central Zionist Archives)
Prior to WWI, Zionism only represented a minority of Jews, mostly from Russia but led by Austrians and Germans, which developed propaganda by creating pamphlets, "Jewish Renaissance".
The failure of Russian Revolution caused the rising number of Russian Jewish youth to emigrate as pioneer settlers to Palestine. Leadership was then passed to Russian Jews living in England.
Two Zionists named Chaim Weizmann and Nahum Sokolow helped in obtaining Balfour Declaration from Great Britain on November 2, 1917, which promised to support the creation of the Jews' national home in Palestine.
Weizmann and Sokolow
Jewish Population in Palestine
1925: 108,000
1933: 238, 000
Arab population feared Palestine would eventually become a Jewish State, therefore, they resisted Zionism and the British policy that supports it. As a result, Britain devised its policy to meet both Arab and Zionist demands.
Zionism achieved its aim of establishing a Jewish state in Palestine, independent State of Israel.
14th of May; creation of Israel resulted in the War of 1948-49, where Israel gained more land.
Israel's another victory in 1967 war gave more rise to Zionism. Jews believed that victory is God's sign of support and fulfillent of His promise.
Joseph Chamberlain
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