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Promotion and Promotional Mix

Promotional Concepts & Strategies and Types of Promotion in the Promotional Mix

Sally Sanchez-Gonzales

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Promotion and Promotional Mix

How do consumers
learn about new products? Other Advertising: What's the craziest or
weirdest Ad
you've seen? What other ways of
advertising have you seen? Promotional
Advertising Can You think of a time
when something was
not promoted enough
or too much? Chapter 17 Communication Promotion includes: CHAPTER 17:
Promotional Concepts & Strategies

(Glencoe's Marketing Essentials 2006) Print Ads
Billboards Receipt Advertising
Restaurant & Theater Bulletins
Product Demos
Digital Marketing (Pull/Push on
internet connected devices) PROMOTION: is a key component of the Marketing Plan Did the Promotional
Technique Work? If so, in what way? Why do you think the
Business advertises
in this way? To Attack new customers
Gain Customer loyalty
To be competitive
To be Profitable ` Did it catch your attention?
Did you remember the Product or Company? What helps a company in it's product sales? Promotional Strategies & Techniques known as the
"PROMOTIONAL MIX" Why? Promotion of business or
product determines its success The Concept of Promotion The Promotional Mix Promotional
Advertising Chapter 17.1 Product Promotion: used to convince prospects to select its products or services instead of a competitors brands. Personal Selling A company will employ sales reps
who generate and maintain direct contact with prospects & customers. ` Takes forms in:
Personal meetings
email contact
correspondence Promotion & Promotional Mix communicate the "Message" need the right skills Thru Media to apply the right strategies to create the right public image to inform consumers on issues
& persuade them to buy products Interpersonal Skills is a persuasive communication that informs people about their products and services Goals: "AIDA"
attract "Attention"
build "Interest" & "Desire"
then ask for "Action" Institutional Promotion: used to create a favorable image for a business, help it advocate for change, or take a stand on trade or community issues. will use websites to provide info on issues, etc. Types of Promotion
in the
Promotional Mix... Personal Selling
Direct Marketing
Sales Promotion
Public Relations Combining these make the Combining the 5 basic categories plays a vital role
in promoting businesses and their products.

It communicates a marketing message to the customer. Advertising A form of nonpersonal promotion of ideas, goods, services through different media outlets. ` Public Relations Elements of Promotional Mix Direct Marketing: a type of advertising directed to a targeted group of prospects & customers rather than to a mass audience. (PR) activities enable an organization to influence a target audience.
campaigns to create favorable image on
policy Coordinating the combination os strategies and cost-effective allocation of resources for promotion to be at best. Sales Promotion: Represents all marketing activities that's used to stimulate purchasing & sales
(other than personal selling, advertising, public relations). Writing News Releases News Release: an announcement sent to the media outlets announcing: ` Goals:
Generate leads & sales
Generate response Objectives:
Increase sales
Inform Potential customers
create positive public image Goal: Cultivate media relations
with reporters who cover the
industry. developments in products or services
distribution channels
facilities and operations
revenues and earnings
events Publicity a tactic that public relations professionals use to bring info about the company, product or person to the publics attention.... develops positive perception or awareness
positive publicity maintains image
negative publicity destroys image
publicity is free & can be an advantage
people pay attention to news more than adverstisements.
disadvantage: media selects content & can hinder image by negative stories.
avoid negative publicty Advertising + Direct Marketing = Awareness Public Relations = cultivates favorable image & brand recognition ` Sales Promotional Activities = Stimulates sales + reinforces advertising Personal selling = builds on each by completing the sale Promotional Activities Explains:
Major features and benefits of product or service
identifies where it is sold
advertises sales
answers customer questions
introduces new offerings
fosters good relations with existing customers which enhances loyalty Push & Pull Policies Adding to the Promotional Mix Determine Promotional mix
Establish Promotional Budget
Allocate Resources
Coordinate Campaign
Supervise outside resources
Measures results Marketing Dept/Company Roles Developing Budget is sometimes measured
by a % of sales, revenue & operating costs. Push Policy: Manufactures promote ("push") products to large retailers through mix of heavy personal selling, advertising & buying discounts to convince them to stock the products in their stores. Pull Policy: Manufactures draw ("pull") consumers interest and demand for products through heavy local & national promotional advertising, in-store displays/demos, samples, sales promotion, and public relations to reach consumers. this encourages retailers to carry the product in their stores.
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