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Research in Motion: Strategic Analysis

No description

Eddie Reyes

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Research in Motion: Strategic Analysis

Company Overview Internal Analysis Strategy Formulation External Analysis PESTEL FRAMEWORK
Blackberry 10
Blackberry Enterprise Solution (Compatible w/ Apple and Android
Scale Down on Assets Strategic Analysis: Research in Motion NASDAQ: RIMM Team Q:
Eddie Reyes
Carlos Rivera
Kyumin Shim Head Office Research In Motion Limited
295 Phillip Street, Waterloo, Contario N2L3W8, Canada
Phone Number 1-519-888-7465
Website http://www.rim.com
Financial Year End February
# of Employees 16,500 (as of 03/03/2012) TOWS 3. What Core Competencies do we need?
BES provides the best opportunity for growth
Devices have too much market share to make up
Security features have the biggest upside for future customers regardless of BYOD programs Balanced Scorecard 1. How do Customers view us?
Q Survey: 2/3 FEMBA students <3 their BlackBerries, 1/3 hated BlackBerries and would never use one again
ACS Index: BlackBerry users are the least satisfied customers
Spin Zone: RIM CEO – We’re #1 in the “smartphones w/keyboards” segment Balanced Scorecard Companies are implementing BYOD programs

VRIO Score: Temporary Competitive Advantage

RIM is planning on making BES compatible with Apple & Android devices

Potential VRIO Score: Sustained Competitive Advantage BlackBerry Enterprise Solution BlackBerry Enterprise Solution Compatible with Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Domino, Novell GroupWise

IT departments centralize control

The most secure mobile platform available BlackBerry Enterprise Solution BlackBerry Enterprise Solution Revenue from Devices dropped

Services/Software increased VRIO 4. How do shareholders view us?
Company has underperformed
Investors are optimistic about BlackBerry 10 Balanced Scorecard 2. How do we create value?
BlackBerry 10 is generating positive reviews
Customizable alerts
Bigger Touchscreen
Software Development Kit to be released in December – Apps ready for January release Balanced Scorecard Market Share declining

BlackBerry 10 delay

VRIO Score: Competitive… Disadvantage! Market Share 10 smartphones


Playbook tablet Devices Reasons:


Revenue from Devices declining

Apple v. Android VRIO Long-Term Strategy
Reduced dependency on device sales (Go Sega route)
Licensing Software/Joint Venture w/Phone Manufacturer
Acquisition by Manufacturer (Vertical Integration) High Capital Requirements
High Rate of Retaliation
High Proprietary Tech
Regulatory Barriers
(Low-Med) Multiple Suppliers
Vertical Integration (Manufacturers)
(Med) Intense Competition from # of competitors
(Med-High) Skype
(Med-High) Individual Consumers
Business Customers
FCC Governance Forecast to Grow
Stable Interest Rates
Deflation Integrating Shopping Routines
Adoption Rates
Mobile Banking
Smartphone as part of the television experience Wireless Connectivity
Evolving Network Infrastructure 2012 report on progress relating to conflict minerals, the Enough Project rated RIM the sixth highest of 24 consumer electronics companies
ranked 15th out of 15 electronics manufacturers in Greenpeace’s re-launched Guide to Greener Electronics Broken Patent System
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