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No description

Glenn Connelly

on 10 May 2016

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Transcript of tok.s2.w12.1

Share your poster with your partner. What do you think of the interpretation of your essay?
Pure Sex Appeal
Read the story. Then write the answer to the following question:

Who is at fault? Why?
Class Read
Listen carefully for which sections to read together.
Trolley Problem
Pure Sex Appeal
At your table, complete the worksheet in reference to the class's first activity.
Trade essays with a partner. Create a visual representation (mindmap/outline/picture/etc.) to show the content of your partner's essay. Don't look at your partner's poster until it's finished.
Gallery Walk: Clear your desk of everything except the poster, then look at the other posters.
What did a lot of posters have in common?
What is something different or unique about specific posters?
Share your answers with your table.
Class Discussion
Read and annotate the Ethics Framework handout. Due Friday
What made the scenarios different?
What other factors might affect your moral judgments in these scenarios?
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