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Brendan Ngo

on 15 November 2014

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Transcript of Russia

Industrial Design History In Russia
Former Soviet Union
Russian avant-garde art movement in early 20th century
Two parts
emotional, intuitive
rational, constructivist

Industrial Design First Applied in Manufacturing in 1930's

Design Products
Moscow Subway Construction Projects
Industrial Design Groups formed in factories, design offices and research institutes

Worked in area such as:
Aircraft Construction
Car Making
Ship Building
Machine - Tool Manufacturing
Vladimir Pirozhkov
Founder of AstraRossa - Center of Industrial Design & Innovations
Other Russian Industrial Designers
Design in Russia
Industrial Design as an integral system.
Soviet Union sets up unified system of activities based on scientific methodology and manufacturing industry.
Over 1500 design departments and teams

"Technical Aesthetic" was introduced
Attempted to incorporate nature, tech, and design

Strong relationship between fundamental ergonomics research and production
Led to functional technical designs
Goal was to create satisfactory conditions for working population
Design Matured

New Types of Products
Machine Tools
Appearance changed by microelectronics
Began to focus on Western cultural product standards
Oka automobile similar to Fiat Panda
Optical devices modeled on Hasselblad Rollei
Photobos radio cassette similar to Phillips
After fall of Soviet Union
Independent Baltic republics rise

Reengaged traditional ties with Scandinavia
Started to cultivate design activities
Economic restructuring led to discontinuities of design policy

New trading structure
Exposed Russia design to real market competition
Designs that lasted
Lada - originally Fiat 124
Stands for the practical, functional interpretation of Russian design since WWII

Lada Niva Off-Roader
Precursor of SUV catagory

Lomo camera
named after special lens by Radino Lomo
“frugal reductionist design...superlative technical performance”

Early avant-gardist
Kazimir Malevch
Vladimir Tatlin
Yuri Soloviev
Director of VNITE
President of Society of Soviet Designers
Member of executive board of ICSID
Worked to promote “national design”
resulted in design of capital goods
The Sochi Olympic Torch
Designed by Vladimir Pirozhkov
Interior Car Designer for 1994-2000
Designed for Citroen
C3, C4 Coupe, C5 and C6.
Other work
Senior Designer at Toyota EU
Yaris, Aurius, Avensis, and Corolla Model
Concept models for 2020-2025

2007 - Present

Plane Interior and Exterior Design
by Travis Ng & Brendan Ngo
Leonid Lozbendko
lllooch Design
Art Lebedev Studio

Aliticon Design Center
Anvos Design
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