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Arroyo Chico/ Citation Wash

study site amazingness

Damian Alzua

on 9 December 2009

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Transcript of Arroyo Chico/ Citation Wash

Arroyo Chico/ Citation Wash by Chelsea and Damian LOCATION: south of Broadway and east of Tucson blvd Arroyo Chico wash leads into citation wash Ward VI Located in the Broadmoor-Broadway neighborhood Elevation: 2459 ft Coordinates: 32*13'00.74"N
110*56'00.71"W Boundaries: 42 feet long and 51 feet wide. FLORA: Nerium Oleander Honey Mesquite (Prosopis glandulosa) North side: 9
South side: 1
Lines both sides of the wash, landscaping Lovegrass (Eragrostis) 28.5ft by 1ft pathway lining the slope of the south side Blue Paloverde
(Cercidium floridum) Only one, on southside Catclaw Acacia Only one and only plant growing in the middle of the wash FAUNA: European Starling Sang every afternoon SOIL COMPOSITION: Overall glossy black, iridescent green and purple Total amount of measured gravel= 1000 mL Coarse Gravel= 39% Fine Gravel= 50% Coarse Sand= 19.5% From the bed of the wash Fine Sand= .7% Silt= 2 pinches From the side of wash Total amount of measured gravel= 480 mL Coarse gravel= .4% Fine Gravel= 91% Coarse Sand= .4% Fine Sand= .02% Silt= 1 pinch HISTORY: 1947- was not in city limits which includes Randolph 1957- Tucson expanded to cover both the neighborhood and Randolph municipal park (golf course) St. Ambrose was established in 1947. Evidence of human activity Before: desert interacts with fauna, late afternoon song El Conquistador created nests in surrounding trees Now: Tucson has expaned to further than any Tucsonian in the 50's imagined. ART/MUSIc/Poems SING SONG

Song birds sing
the soft dirt touching my legs,
the smell of winter barbeque,
it reminds me of summer.
no rain, no water
song birds sing CHANGE OVER SEASONS: Summerish to winterish Louder to quieter Oleander light
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