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6 components of health

No description

abrianna garcia

on 6 July 2017

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Transcript of 6 components of health

6 components of health
1.) Physical
Happy + Healthy
Stretching helps the body function as well as eating proper foods.
2.) Mental
3.) Emotional
4.) Spiritual
5.) Environmental
6.) Social
Abrianna Garcia
Module 3
Madness + illness
Feelings = Emotions
tranquility + undisturbed
Support + Ambiance
Laughter + Happiness
It's important to know what is around so you don't fall into chaos
It is totally okay to feel sad or happy. We are all humans.
It is important for you to believe in something. It helps us keep up with our morals in life.
Surround yourself with tranquility.
Surround yourself with people who want to build you up.
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