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Marburg Virus

No description

Selah Madland

on 4 March 2016

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Transcript of Marburg Virus

What is it?
The Marburg virus is a zootonic RNA virus from the Filovirus family. It causes the Marburg Hemorrhagic Fever.
There's a period of 5-10 days where the virus incubates. After that, it just sucks.
First Wave
Myalgia (sore muscles)
Second Wave
5th day, you can get a rash on your chest, back, or stomach
Third Wave
Chest pain
Sore throat
Stomach pain
What it does
It starts with animals. The first outbreak was cause by monkeys, but it is also transmitted by fruit bats. It is unclear how it goes from animals to humans, but contact with infected bat feces is suspected.
After a human has it, it's a simple matter of person-person contact. Any body fluids or contact with infected equipment they may have touched could get you sick.
Marburg Virus
Fourth Wave
Symptoms get worse and worse
Pancreatic Inflammation
Sever weight loss
Liver failure
Massive hemorrhaging
Multi-organ dysfunction
Fifth Wave
If you're unlucky, the final step is death.
However, you can survive.

The fatality rate in 1967, with 2 cases, was zero.
The fatality rate in 2005, with 374 cases, was 88%.
Who's at Risk?
If you're worried about contracting Marburg, and you're also going to Africa, stay far away from bat caves. If a loved one gets sick, don't care for them. Leave that to the hospital. And if you're a nurse, make sure that you're following proper safety procedures.
Where Is It
The most typical places to find this virus is in:
Democratic Republic of the Congo
South Africa
If you survive everything, you may experience skin peeling (from the rash), prostration, and weight loss.
There is no cure for Marburgs. The only care that you can receive is supportive hospital therapy. (Fluids, electrolytes, oxygen, blood pressure, replacing lost blood, and dealing with clots.)
Fun Facts!
Antigen-capture enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), polymerse chain reaction (PCR) & IgM-capture ELISA can be used to diagnose Marburgs.
It can also be called the Green-Monkey disease.
The first outbreak had 31 infected and only 7 died.
The green-monkeys were being used for a polio vaccine
Same family (Filoviridae) as Ebola.


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