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Introduction to KPOP!!!!

No description

Chorong Kim

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Introduction to KPOP!!!!

Introduction to K-Pop THE BIG THREE The big three are three companies that make the most money and have the most popular groups. Although there are many many other companies that are starting to make a name for themselves, no one can come near the big three. S.M. ENTERTAINMENT S.M. is the number one company, founded by Lee Soo-man in 1995. Their artists are known to be 'perfect' and most idols train for an average of 4 years before they debut. Some artists include EXO, SUPER JUNIOR, SNSD, and TVXQ. JYP ENTERTAINMENT JYP Entertainment was founded by Park Jin Young, in 1997. He writes and composes almost all the songs and their artist are have a 'I can relate to you feel' since they aren't perfect but good enough to be one of the top three companies. JYP is number 3. Some artists include 2PM, 2AM, WONDER GIRLS and MISS A. YG ENTERTAINMENT Founded by Yang Hyunsuk in 1996, their artists have very unique styles and seem to be near the front of the Hallyu Wave. YG is number two and was closer to SM profit wise in 2012 (closer than before, but honestly, they are still no match). Some artists include PSY, 2NE1, and BIG BANG. HALLYU WAVE The Hallyu Wave is the rapid spread of South Korean culture, it started in the late 1900s, and was driven by the popular TV dramas and variety shows. Soon, Korean music became popular in places like Europe, Latin and North America. WHAT IS K-POP? K-Pop is Korean Pop Music. A K-pop group usually consists of 5-10 people. One individual (whether in a group, duo or soloist) is called an idol. Idols have to undergo many auditions and years of training before they can debut, and trainees can start at age 9 or 10. Trainees live together in a tightly regulated environment, spending many many hours a day learning music (this includes singing, rap, and instruments), choreography, foreign languages and communication skills with fans and journalists. Kpop is sometimes more popular than domestic music due to their member's attractiveness, achieved most of the time by plastic surgery. In 2011 the number of Kpop fans surpassed 3 million for the first time. A group often consist of a main vocal, lead vocal, main/lead rapper, dancer and so on. Roles can be spread out and or overlapped. The range of music is very broad from hip-hop, pop, electropop, r&b, rock etc. According to a Rolling Stones writer, Kpop embraces 'genre fusion' at the same time emphasizing solid performances and visuals. The increase of popularity of Kpop is not only credited to their looks, but also how they perform with synchronized dance and complex gestures. Dance is a major part of Kpop. When a large group performs, the singers often switch places while continuing to sing and dance in synchronization. The visual aspect of Kpop is also important. It show off their physical appearance/clothing as well as their physical condition (Idols are in very very good physical condition due to the training that comes with every new song/single/album. Each member usually practices for hours a day getting the dance and vocals perfect or nearly perfect.) ROLES IN A GROUP As I mentioned earlier, there are generally three major roles; vocals, rapers, dancers and. The first three are divided into 2 or more sub roles; main and lead. Idols who are a little of all of them are called all rounders. A visual is the person who is the face of the group, normally the prettiest or the most handsome. VOCALS A main vocal normally has more control, and a wider range. They sing the chorus and the difficult parts. Lead vocals are also strong singers but they usually have certain verses assigned to them. So the main are the best, and the leads come in second. RAPPERS Like vocals, there are main and lead rappers. The biggest difference is in line count. The main rappers tend to have a more unique voice and have more lines while leads have fewer lines. DANCERS Main and lead dancers usually are very close in skill and sometimes do a break dance part together. A lot of rappers are dancers too. LEADERS/VISUALS/MAKNAE Leaders are as the term suggests, are the leader of a group. Most of the time they are the oldest, and they have a sense of responsibility. They are the main speakers most of the time in an interview or meeting.
A visual is the face of a group. They promote the grope in a sense that when people see them, they recognize the grope. Visuals have a lot of responsibility because they must uphold the name of the group.
The magnae is the youngest member in a group. They are expected to be youthful in appearances and personality. MY FAVORITES 1. EXO-SM.ENT
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