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Blogging with Kids

No description

michelle Cowell

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Blogging with Kids

Benefits of Blogging
Enhanced literacy skills
Enhanced communication skills
Gives students time to reflect
Can take learning beyond school day
Contributes to identity formation
Connects students to authentic audience
Connects parents to classroom
Gives voice to shy students
Gives students opportunity to take ownership of learning
Blogging with Kids
Tips for Teachers
Give it time
Don't grade -- practice writing for authentic audience
Challenge students with topics and ideas
Encourage them to read and comment on other blogs
Teach them how to comment productively
Encourage correct grammar appropriate to age level
What is a blog?
Personal Website structured like a journal
Different than a website?
Easier to update
Shorter posts
Commenting from viewers

Possible Uses
Student summaries of content
Peer learning
Enrichment activities
Easy sharing of media content
Group collaboration
Practice productive feedback
Student Guidelines
Only post what you want everyone to know (includes personal information)
Know your audience
Treat others how you want to be treated
Use appropriate grammar, language and spelling
Only post what you know is true
Cite your sources
Considerations when blogging
Know why and how you will use it
Set up student accounts
Know which features of the blog you will use
Prepare students
Make sure all students have fair access
Set rules for students
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